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new kitty peeing

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hi we just got a new kitty, they say she is around 2years old. i think she is younger, anyway she did have kittens 4 or 5 months ago before we got her, she is fixed,, we remolded the house with all new carpet,, we have had her 3 weeks,, come to find out she is peeing on the new carpet, behind the couch, and tv,, it does not smell, why would she be doing this, do fixed females mark there territory, she also peed in my past cats bed, what can we do, and if it keeps up i will give her back to the animal society,,, this is not good..
any ideas out there, i would hate to send her back, she is a good cat,
and she does go in her litterpan, but looks like not all the time..
she is home alone during the day, should we keep her in the basement, I think so,,
thanks for any repies
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The number one cause of peeing outside the litterbox is a urinary tract infection or blockage. Please, please take your cat to the vet IMMEDIATELY to get this checked. Make sure you tell the vet about the peeing problem so she can take a urine sample and check for illness. A general exam will not detect urinary problems, you must specifically ask for the vet to check for this.

Also, please click on this link for many ideas on how to stop inappropriate urination http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=9563
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Some kitties need a very clean box! I would scoop it twice a day and wash it once a week. Also what type of litter do you use? Make sure to clean any carpet spots she uses with a product that will remove the smell, like natures miracle. Cover the area with foil, as most cats hate the way it feels on their feet.
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I have to agree with the vet check. Very important to get the kitty checked out first. Cats usually will not go anywhere but the litterbox except if they have issues with health or the condition/placement of the boxes.
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she did this like a one day thing in the corners, i think she is diffinately marking her territory, she has been here 3 weeks and finlly fiqured she is staying, i watch her pee no strain and she eats good, i got some stuff called cat-off, and did talk to the vet,
thanks for the responses, don't you think it is a little premature to say take her to the vet IMMEDIATELY.. But we will keep a close eye on her... and lock her in the dungeon when we are not home..
just kiddin relax
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sorry but peeing out of the litterbox is NOT a laughing matter. Cats can die from UTI and we always tell someone who has a cat who is peeing and pooping out of the box to take them to the vet. It is a very serious thing, and a vet check is a must. I learned this the hard way many years ago when I first started rescuing. I had one sweet little tortie who would not pee in the box. I just thought she was messing with me, and kept trying to put her in the box and get her to go. I knew not a thing back then. She died three days later in my arms. I will never make that mistake again. All cats pee in the box it is part of their survival mode and habit.If they are not there is something wrong with
A.The Cat
B. The Litter Box
C. The Environment

Don't make light of this very important subject.
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Hissy made some excellent points...

Rule out UTI, for one.

But what kind of litter are you using in the box?

Many of the "deodorized" litters.....Fresh Step comes to mind....may smell O.K. to you, but with a cat's olfactory response being superior to humans - may be a horrendous reek to them and turn them off to the box.

I've had this problem previously and stopped using deordorized litters completely, which corrected inappropriate pee/poop problems.

Plain clay and baking soda, along with frequent cleanings, could resolve the problem, if its not UTI.


P.S: How many cats do you have in addition to this one? Enough cats in a small enough space - could be territory issues, definitely, even if they are neutered/spayed.
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I am using a scented litter, and I did talk to my vet, which is a cat only vet and knows what is going on,, she assured me that she is marking her territory, , and note she does use the litter box more than the carpet,,, she is very normal. and I have watched her pee, no problems,, not drinking too much, and eating fine..
we did get cat-off and we will see what happens, thanks for the responses, i don't know if i will change litter... she is a new cat
and that's what they do,, she was from a shelter, and has moved around alot, and now she has a home for the rest of her life,, and she can do what she wants its her house... but oh no the new carpet..
remeber she only peeded one day,, it is not like everyday,,, she just felt like wreking the carpet sorry about the spelling I wished they had spell checker on these forums

oh sorry just one kitty around 2 years old
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The number 1 reason why cats urinate or poop outside of the litter box is because it is probably dirty! And you said that you had a past cat right? Are you using the same litter box for her as you were using for your other cat? She could feel threatened if there is any scent left from you other cat. My oldest cat Twinkles, hates dirty litter boxes. One time I went downstairs to change the litter, and I found Twinkles peeing on clean laundry. You need to clean your carpets with a very good pet stain remover. I suggest trying a great product called Feliway. Here's some info.

Feliway Behaviour Modification Spray

When cats rub their faces against a surface, they're not just doing it because it feels good. It actually leaves behind a "positive" pheromone, that helps to comfort and reassure the cat whenever they smell it again. Additionally, cats will not use urine to "mark" a place where they've deposited these pheromones. Feliway uses a synthetic form of these feel-good pheromones as a way to help stop cats from urine marking and scratching. It can also be sprayed on surfaces such as carriers, bedding, new furniture and more, to help reassure the cat in unfamiliar surroundings or situations. The Feliway Starter Kit contains a bottle of Feliway, as well as an instructional video and brochure and $14 in coupons for Feliway and other Farnam pet products.

Article from www.petsmart.com

Try these things out and let me know how it turns out!
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Originally posted by catsareok
i don't know if i will change litter...
Well...it is a heck of a lot easier to change litter than to put in new carpet. Did you click on the link in my earlier post? You will find a big list of very easy things to do to eliminate this behavior.
Here is the link again: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=9563

Originally posted by catsareok
she is a new cat and that's what they do
I have 6 indoor cats. Not a single one of them did this when I adopted them. However, I have always carefully followed the advice in the link I gave you before on ways to make sure you don't have inappropriate potty problems.

Remember that it is a heck of a lot easier to do the things on this list NOW than to wait until the problem gets out of control.
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