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I think they're taking notes...

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I am the type of person that sleeps with my tv on and last night I fell asleep watching Dirty Jobs on Discovery. Well this morning when my alarm went off and I got up to go turn it off, there was some documentary on Africa or something on. All I noticed were there were lions taking down a water buffalo or something, and both Joey and Kahlua were sitting in the floor staring at the tv watching very very contently. I'm starting to worry, maybe they were trying to learn some new tricks... they're probably going to try to attack us and take us down like a water buffalo now...
I wish I would have had my camera in my room, they were just staring right at the tv making this "OMG we can do that" face.
Anyone elses cats watch tv?
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How funny! You'd better start sleeping with one eye open!
I've caught Asher watching t.v. before and even Jack. It's so funny to see them sitting there looking at the television screen! I always wonder what's running through their mind.
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Mine like Fox news, There is a female reportrt that seems to love the sound of her voice. I can't think of her name. Scooter used to like watching the NASCAR races, but I don't turn them on any more. I guess I should, it would keep one of them out from underfoot when I am trying to get stuff done on Sundays. Scooter and Pepper seem to like Law & Order, too.
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Ferris likes to watch wrestling with my roommate.

It's so funny - he'll stop what he's doing, settle down and keep his eyes glued to the set watching the wrestlers. I watch his eyes as he watches the TV, and I can see them following the action on the screen!

I've had Meercat Manor on - no interest.

Nature shows with birds or bugs - no interest.

WWE or ECW? Ferris is in front of the TV set.
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mittens loves to watch football, he will get up on to the tv stand and sit right in front of the tv and watch for ages, he only ever once patted the tv screen which we stoped him doing as my DH's tv is his baby lol and its LCD. which makes no sense to me i just watch it.
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Hahahahah Omg...that's so great.
Ike loves the TV...alot. I leave it on for her sometimes when I'm away
Her favorite is Project Runway!
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start to worry ... Indie does watch telly avidly but prefers the screen for the DVD player as a DVD logo goes across the screen he's easily amused
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That is funny. My sweet Marbles use to love to watch TV.
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