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Okay - that was cheating, but it worked!

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Do any means necessary to get to 1000 posts!!!

Ok, maybe not 'any means' but you know what I mean!

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LOL Jan!!!

Welcome to the world of Adult Cat! Cyber Beer's on the house!
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Congrats on hitting the 100 mark!!! Next thing you know, you'll be at 500! Keep up the yapping!
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Yea it doesnt seem that long ago that I hit 100!!! Now you can have yer own picture in yer avatar!!!!

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Oh cool, you get your own pic avatar at 100! I better keep posting then.
Congrats Jan!

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Ginger you're close!!

I recently reached 100, and I didn't know I could use my own photo! Going to try and figure that out now. . .
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To use your own pic for the avatar, just resize your favorite pic to 50 x 50 pixels, then go into your User CP, Edit Options, and hit the browse button by the Avatar thing. Select your pic and wha-la! you've got your own favorite pic every time you post.

Jan, I like your new avatar. Very cute pic!
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YAY! 100 is a milestone!!
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yay! 100! woo hoo!
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Congrats Jan......and Coco too!!!
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Coco would thank you if she weren't such a fraidy cat! I feel funny that I always write about Ed, but Coco is just a quiet little mouse and doesn't give me much material. She is a snuggler, though. With me, at least. She really won't let anyone else get too close, but she's warming up slowly.
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Yay! I was so excited when I got to 100 and I loved making my own avatar.
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Congrats! LOVE the new avatar! Isn't that the best? I switch mine all the time. Well - pretty frequently, anyway!

Have fun!

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you will be at 500 in no time!
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