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Little blood spots...

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I've been noticing really little pin sized spots of what looks like blood here and there around my bathroom area. Mostly it's in areas my cat would jump up on (the counter, the edge of the shower, etc). It's not a lot of blood, just maybe 2 tiny spots here, 4-5 spots there, etc.

Anyone have a clue what this might be? I'm 99.99% sure it ain't coming from me so that leaves my cat as the prime suspect. I've been noticing this for awhile now and I haven't found anything on him that would give away the answer.

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My first guess would be fleas. Their poop looks just like tiny drops of blood when dampened. Do you have a flea comb?
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I totally agree with CS. And that is really perceptive on CS' part, since the specks have to combine with water to look the way that you describe. If your kitty has fleas, a good place to find them or their tell-tale specks with the comb would be where the kitty's back meets its tail.
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Agreed... they're all over your house, you are just noticing in the bathroom because they're getting wet and they're on tile/linoleum/whatever it is in your bath.
I would like to add, please make sure you get the flea meds to treat them with from your vet and not over the counter ones, they aren't safe at all.
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ZM is SOOOO right about that. I have read some horror stories on this site about using Hartz flea products and the seizures, death and other horrible things they cause.

Definitely use a vet product like frontline or revolution or advantage. Vacuum very thoroughly. There is a ton of good info on the internet about flea eradication.

My one piece of advice is just don't go overboard freaking out about the fleas. Most people want to throw away their entire house and it isn't necessary.

Just vacuum and treat the cat and launder your bedding, and toss the cat's bedding. If you have a cat tree, spray it with a pet friendly (not hartz) flea product and let your kitty back on after it is dried.
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