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What's This?

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I Noticed this the other day, and I waited to see if it'd go away, but it hasn't. anyone know what it could be. Picture is really crappy cuz i took it with my cell. any feed back will help. oh, this is on zoe, two year old fixed male. Its on below his mouth, on the top part of his neck.

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Maybe it's an allergic reaction to something. It's difficult to see what it is but it looks like a missing patch of fur.
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I can't tell exactly from the picture, but based on the location it could be feline acne since that is mostly on the chin.

The only thing is, your picture looks like fur is missing and with acne, you would be able to feel the pimples and scabs.

You can google feline chin acne using the images area to get an idea of it.
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i'll try to take some better pictures later on today. but yes, that is a patch of no fir.
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Yeah, I was also thinking about feline acne. Holly Golightly's chin was sort of looked like that and was bald in certain spots when I found her on the street. But it cleared up on its own when I brought her in the home.

Sometimes certain bowls can cause acne or allergic reactions like that.
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Has he been scratching his neck any? To me,it kinda looks like fur loss from scratching with his back paws....but it's hard to see. The first time my Lil Bit had an allergic reaction to fleas, she had two spots under her neck like that from scratching so much.
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Could be acne, fleas, allergic reaction, ringworm....I suggest a vet visit as soon as possible.
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