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I think my new kitten is sick. help :[

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okay, hey i'm new.
little background info:
last october, i got an all black kitten. we named him cosmo and all was well until he started getting pot-bellied and we got worried and whatnot and took him to the vet thinking, oh its probably worms at the worst.
we got the news he had FIP and we had to put him to sleep :[ that was december 2nd. almost two months since we got him.
the vet said that we should wait a year to get a new kitten unless we cleaned everything.
and its been 9 months or so...and so last saturday, exactly one week ago we got a new kitten from an adoption agency and named him melvin. of course i love him so much already.
but now i'm so worried because like, hes been sneezing. not like constantly but every now and then. hes a big whiner and meows soo much and he has kitten meows like little and squeaky but now tonight, theyre all hoarse like. it sounds like when a person has a stuffy nose and a lot of congestion in their throat. oh btw, we DID clean everything. like its redic how much i clean my room. my dad ripped up the living room carpet and we bleached the kitchen floor. all our clothes and sheets have obviously been washed numerous times. and we have a new litter box and food dishes and everything. my dad soaked the scooper in bleach and thats the ONLY thing weve reused.
anyways. so the meowing is whats scaring me. he seems a tiny bit bloated but its too hard to tell because hes so fluffy.
i'm just so scared he has FIP but i dont even get how he would get it since everything is clean and it has been almost a year. hes playing a little now which makes me less worried. but before he was being suuuuper affectionate and i remember when cosmo had a URI he was like that. like climbing all over and rubbing his head on me and purring rediculously.
is there anything that this might be? or am i just super paranoid. i dont think i cantake another sick kitten :[
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It's likely a URI. I do suggest a vet visit ASAP after adopting....but in this case, I strongly urge you to call your vet as soon as they open....URIs can progress quickly. For the time being, feed canned food to ensure your kitten is eating....and....

Welcome to TCS!
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yes hes going to the vet on tuesday. hes been tested for a few things.
yeah like, the thing that made me think it wasnt a URI was that he has been eating and drinking normally as far as i see. i was out last night but ive been home for a while and hes eaten twice. he just sounds so congested and it makes me so sad and worried.

thank youuu <3
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I am not that knowledgeable on FIP, other than there is no definitie test for it. I would not worry too much about that. If it was FIP, I highly doubt he would be exhibiting symptoms so soon after arriving home.

Please let us know what the vet says.
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Based on what you said about extensive cleaning, I don't think your kitten has FIP from the other cat. Kitties with FIP do more than just sneeze; they get pretty lethargic among other things.

The biggest transmitter of the virus is from saliva and feces, and it is mostly transmitted from cat to cat, with cats in each other's company. That is probably why you were told not to have cats for so long.

Also bleach does not work with organic matter such as feces. In order for bleach to work, you need to really scrub away the feces and then bleach will work on the non-organic surface. I know you are probably saying "duh, yes we cleaned the poop off" but I wanted to stress that, since most people think bleach kills everything, and it doesn't.

I think your kitten probably has an upper respiratory illness just as someone else said on this thread. This is very common since the transition to your new home would cause it some stress.

Good luck and let us know what the vet says. You should have your kitten vet checked anyhow within a few weeks of adopting, and I think it will give you some peace of mind :-).
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I am sorry to hear about Cosmo.

I agree with everyone else that ur kitten seems to have an URI but taking him to the vet is a very good idea.

Hope he feels better.
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I agree with everyone else, it sounds to me as if your kitten picked up a bit of a respiratory infection at the shelter, unfortunately these things do tend to spread in shelters where there are lots of cats.

If he is still eating and drinking that is a great sign, it does sound as though he may need some antibiotics from the vet to help clear it up. If he stops eating try heating some kitten wet food up to body temperature, if his nose is blocked his sense of smell won't be as good and a cats appetite is triggered by the smell of food, heating it up will make it more smelly and more appetising.

I know how you feel, my Radar was very ill early this year and I was terrified that it was FIP because he was bloated with gas and also had a sore throat and slept a lot, but it turned out to be just a plain old bacterial infection that cleared up fine with antibiotics and some tlc.

Good luck at the vets
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