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...Well, today was the day that I decided to FINALLY go through the bags and baskets of paperwork and unopened mail that we have had lying around for way too long (naughty, I know)

I got the table all set up and surrounded myself with everything I needed to sort, and Chester decided he wanted up on the other lounge with Ruby. Only, Ruby is pretty much over the whole lounge and when Chester went to hop up next to her she growled at him and he had to get off (lol).

So now he is on my lap. Does anyone understand how hard it is to organise paperwork with a 70lb dog on your lap??
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yes I do ... lol.. My RB " brother" was a 125lb lap dog
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Is it just me, or do bigger dogs want to always be lap dogs while little dogs always want "down"?
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Just Chester's head is enough to fill up my lap. Let alone when he decides he wants a belly rub and squirms all over me to get on his back. Usually when he does that I have to get Max to help me get him off!
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Awwwwwwwww that is a sweet and funny pic to imagine
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There's just one solution! Get down on the floor and do your paper work there!
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