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Daisy's lovey

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Daisy has began carrying around a small stuffed cat. We've had this cat, and the toy has been sitting on top of my boyfriends monitor for years. Daisy has began this cute habit over the last couple days. He's 2.5 years old. He carries it around, licks it, loves on it, shakes it like it's his prey, and lay on it. Any ideas why he's began this?

Also, there is a slight chance he is imbred. He came from someone who had 1 cat that kept having litters. We (the previous owner and I) think that the litter Daisy came from was the product of Momma and a male from her first litter. His personality is very crazy. He's spazzy, and quite skiddish. He will not let me pet him very often, but he will allow my boyfriend TONS of cuddle time. I'm the main caretaker of all the pets of the house, but I get no kitty love! If I walk near him, he'll scatter and hide. Is this some sort of snubbery or could he just be imbred and messed in the head? Who knows, maybe he just prefers hanging with the guys.

Any ideas on either issue greatly apreciated.

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Cats will find a lot of diferent ways to comfort themselves. Sounds like yours likes that stuffed animal. Also it sounds like maybe your cat just perfers men.
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My Oreo does this. Tough it is with small, stuffed dogs that use to be my kids toys but now she has taken over I don't know about the licking on it and such but Oreo does it as a pure hunting instinct. She finds the toy and then walks around with it in her mouth crying her "war cry" until she finds me or my husband and gets lots of praise for it
It seems your kitty might just prefer guys. Two of our cats prefer me to my husband.
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I was thinking that it was a comfort thing, because he doesnt bring it to us. He carries it to wherever he goes to nap or lay. I was thinking it looked kind of "motherly" because he carries it then snuggles with it and goes to sleep. Very cute none the less.

I do however know the "warcry" Philly does this with his milk rings, dollar bills, recipts... anything. He's brought us bags of chips, or my ziplock back of flower seeds. He will cry at us and drop it to our feet. We've woken up to stuff in our bed from around the house. One day I fear I'll wake up to a dead rodent or something he's caught. I know hes proud and they are presents, but I prefer the inanimate types of gifts thank you!

Thanks for the thoughts on the matter, I guess I'll deal with Daisy just "tolerating" me and be happy i dont get attacked.
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