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Yay! New Hair

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So I finally decided it was time to do something different with my hair. I've dyed it numerous times since I was 15 (well, my mom was to blame for most of them - she went dye happy on me that year). I attempted to dye my hair myself three times and failed all 3. Rob has wanted to see me with lighter hair for awhile, and I really like the look of two-toned hairstyles. So off I went to the Hair Cuttery this afternoon. I decided to go with a medium blonde and black two-tone. Here is the result (gotta love my pose..)

I was kind of afraid Rob wouldnt like it, though he kept telling me no matter what I do to my hair he will like it, since it's on my head (as long as it's past shoulder length ) I was thinking he just said it looked good, because every guy knows what happens if you tell a girl her hair doesn't look nice after she just got it done! But he can't keep his hands off me now!

I think it came out quite nicely Definitely a change from my regular brown color that had miscellaneous "highlights" from failed past dye attempts!

PS: I also got my eyebrows waxed, hence the red looking "eyeshadow" effect there!!
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That looks great! You made a good choice in colours. It suits you very well
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Very nice indeed! And I don't usually go for such extremes -- but you look FABULOUS!
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I like the two tone styles too. It looks great on you!
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Thank you!
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I love your hair!!! Its so pretty!
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