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Kadaj Has Arrived!

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(Someone move this if it's in the wrong section, please This seemed like the right area)

....And he's sleeping in my lap as I type.

So, let's friend doesn't have very good living conditions (I mentioned the lack of money before) the little guy came to me yesterday afternoon with fleas ALL OVER, worms, and scummy ears (The vet said no ear mites showed up on the slides, but she didn't see how his ears could be that icky without them, so we're treating just in case).
I visited the vet clinic later that day to make an appointment for the little guy, and bought some Advantage to give to him.
I'd been isolating him in the livingroom so he wouldn't give anything to my other animals, but he did nooot want me to leave him..... so I went out there and slept on the couch with him.
In the morning.... NO FLEAS. Before, especially under his chin, I could just LOOK at that patch and see fleas teaming all through his hair, but this morning? Black specks, yes....but they no longer moved. I brushed him; a couple dead fleas turned up, but other than that....nothing.
I was preeeetty pleased.
When I took him for his appointment, he did pretty well. They cleaned his ears, tested for mites, gave him a de-worming shot, and his first vaccination. (There's also another medicine that I'm supposed to syringe-feed him in ten days)
And I decided I'm switching him over to either Science Diet or Purina One. (I was going to do that anyway, but was unsure of the best brand to give him instead of his cheap Safeway food. )
Other than those parasites.....
He's healthy!
I'd been worried about anything serious (Infections, etc) but it looks like he doesn't have any!

Alright, now that I've gone over all that.... here's some pictures I snapped of him.

Most of these will be him sleeping My apartment isn't very well-lit, and it's hard to take pictures of moving things without a lot of light.

Then I used the flash....and discovered something strange....

My kitten is an alien!
Markings = coincidence?
I think not.

Look cloooselier....



And the last picture......

Aaaand I'm done now Just wanted to share my excitement with you guys.

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Awwwwwwwwww he is so ADORABLE!!! Oh and how lucky he is that you have taken him in and looked after him so well. How old is he? He looks like hes young.
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Oh my gosh, how adorable!!! Those markings rock!!!
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He is SOOOO cute!! Is he longair? My mom has two kittens who have hair like his. It isn't really long, but it isn't really short either. Is there such thing as medium hair??? Anyway, he is GORGEOUS!! And lucky to have someone loving him.
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He is ADORABLE! SO glad youa re taking care of him

ps. I would choose Purina one over SD, but there are actually really great foods out there that are similar in those prices Check out the nutrition forum
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Bless his little heart. He's lucky to have you. Read through the Nutrition section (if you haven't already). There are several foods out there that are much better than the two you listed, but are equivalent in price. Keep us posted on how he does. Good job to you for taking care of him.
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He's so handsome! He looks so skinny But under your loving care he will fatten up a bit and his coat will be all shiney. He's a lucky boy
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You've done great by taking him in and getting him the care and attention he needs

Bless him, i thought my kitten Jack had a thin neck, so i can't wait to see him as he fattens up
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Oh, he's so sweet! And yes, those are Classic Tabby patternings under his beautiful grey fur. They say all cats have stripes -- I'm not sure about that, but this little guy sure does!

Advantage is our topical of choice as well. It really works and I think it's the safest.

Personally, of the two, I'd choose neither food -- they are better than the cheapest supermarket brands, but I would opt for better food still, such as Nutro, Natural Balance, Wellness, Optimum Nature's Recipe, Triumph -- something like that. You can find premium brands at Petco, PetsMart, and all good "pet" supply places. I would feed wet and dry, plus of course, clean, fresh water daily. GOOD LUCK and thanks for sharing those adorable pix with us! I hope Kadaj will have a happy, healthy, safe, and long life with you!
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Look at that sweet little face! And it sounds like he has a wonderful disposition, too, not wanting you to leave him..What a cute little boy!
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Awww, he's so adorable! It's really good of you to take him in.
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Awww...Kadaj is GORGEOUS! What a pretty baby
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Awww He's adorable! I love the markings!
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Oh What a sweet baby
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Oh, he's such a sweet lil baby, and Bless You for taking care of him!!
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Hey Hun!

Awww...he's dreeeeamy!!!

As far as food, I'd recommend the type I feed my two kitty babies any day! It's called Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, and it's not terribly expensive at all! Not to mention, it has WONDERFUL ingredients, and has made my babies' fur SO MUCH nicer than it was on Purina types!

I totally recommend it!


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He's gorgeous! What a sweetie. Great name, too.
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Thanks everyone!

I'm glad I got so many replies about him~

Yes, he's skinny, but he's only three months old, so I'm sure he'll fill out pretty fast

I did go ahead and buy him some Purina One chicken and Rice. There was a just plain Purina bag that said 'for all ages' on it, but the first ingredient was corn meal, and the chicken and rice said 'adult' on it, but the first two ingredients were chicken....then rice... so it seemed way better to me, even if it was for adults. (I only didn't look at the others because my vet reccommended Purina One and Science Diet for him.... I'll take a look at the labels of some of the ones mentioned next time I'm at the store, though. ) Our Safeway has a good selection of cat food (Not all of it is good cat food itself, but there's many different brands).....which is good, because the only Petco/PetSmart around here I know about is over the bridge.... This is a problem, though, because I can't find a scratching post for the little guy ANYWHERE And he's going psycho on the couch...which is practically MADE of scratching-post material *Sigh* (See the picture with him on the couch and you'll see what I mean). Thankfully, the couch doesn't scratch easily. I put an old blanket over it anyway, though.

He hasn't been letting me leave If he's awake and I leave him in the livingroom, he'll meow and meow and stick his paws under the door and scratch at it like he's dying until I go out there and see him. He -also- wakes me up at 6:30 am to play with him, running around and attacking things. (Which sometimes includes me. I make angry cat noises at him when he does that, though, and he's learned to avoid playing directly with my limbs, now) HOPEFULLY he won't do these his whole life. (I have a friend who recently got a kitten a couple months back, but she's around six months, and doesn't do those things)
So, I have to wait for him to go to sleep and then sneak out on him I feel kinda bad for doing it, but I was NOT getting any time to myself, and doing all this, plus the serious lack of sleep he's been giving me were almost enough to make me cry.
.....But I feel a lot better and more calm, now that I've had a few minutes to myself.

...Whew. I still love the little guy, though. He's just a little bundle of energy at this age

And for those of you who get the reference...I think he's taking his name to heart.
"MOTHER~!!! *Cling* ".....and of course the intense fighting with the couch and toys. It's epic, haha.
(He actually does have two brothers. They're not named Lotz and Yazoo, though. They're back with his mom. He has a sister, as well.....Tiffa? Haha. Ah well. )
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He's a cutie pie.
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Hi Diana! Kadaj is so cute! Welcome to TCS!

~Diana (YukonDaisy on Rabbits Online =) )
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How adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your cute kitten pictuers with us Hehe i love the "alien markings"
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Oooh! Shadow stripes! All black cats have them, but on yours you can see them.... they're beautiful classic tabby stripes, too!
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He's gorgeous! I love the classic tabby markings that show through on his fur.

As for food I'm having a lot of luck with Royal Canin, plenty of other people here on TCS feed that as well. You can see Nikita's shinyness here:
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