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Thursday's DT

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Well...I am starting this today because, believe it or not, I am in such a good mood. And I dont' know why. I am giddy and jumpy but....I feel okay.

My boss is taking me out for lunch!! Yay!

Anyways...just want to wish everyone a great day!

I'm thrilled to be in a good mood....no matter how long it lasts, or doesn't!
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Woo hoo Gys! Nothing brightens my day more than someone else feeling good!

Hey...you haven't been into the cat kibble again, have you???
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Originally posted by Kumbulu
Hey...you haven't been into the cat kibble again, have you???
No that was last week. Now she's moved on to the canned stuff.

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Whisker's Mom- Hey - I am really happy to hear you are in a good mood!! Hope your day goes well today. Goodness knows you deserve it!

My day is picking up. I started out in a bad mood. My boss has been saying a lot of things lately that make me feel like an incompetent idiot. But he came in this morning to check in on some things and finished by telling me how happy he has been that I have been keeping everything going so smoothly lately and doing such a fantastic job. It helps a lot. I know it is really small compared to what a lot of other people are goinf through and I am really lucky to have a job in this job market, but some days I just feel like packing up and heading out... Oh well. I just got it off my chest. And it's really not so bad.

Hope everyone is having a good day. I like all the funny stuff that everyone seems to be posting today.
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Tania....is it my imagination or have I not seen you around here much lately?????

Here.....(sharing the cat kibble hoping that will keep you around for a while)
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*munching*...is this um chicken and liver or um ocean fish flavour? *munch* *munch* Hey! This isn't bad! And it doesn't count on my diet! Hey Gys, pass the dried pilchards and I'll have them with some Vegemite.

I have been around mate but just 'lurking' and not gabbing like I usually do. I've been a bit busy and I've only been able to find the time to visit TCS to do a quick read of the posts but NOW you'll never shut me up!
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Hey Ghyslaine, I am soo glad that you feel good today!
I am just having a quiet day, cleaning up cat hair and after lunch I plan on going for a walk, trying to keep up with my exercise plan :tounge2: I wish that we were all in the same town and we could all walk together as part of the weight loss support group. Oh well.
I dont really have much to say, its a dead day for me.
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Actually I forgot to mention this in my last post.

Everyone knows how horrible the job market and economy is. My partner Rob's company was severly hit by Sept 11 and they didn't think they woould fully recover till at least next fall.

Since Sept 11 they have gone through 5 rounds of layoffs totaling at least a 1000 people. Everytime we heard layoff we held our breath. But good news came yesterday when his company scored a *huge* contract that will easily take them into next fall.

*sigh of relief*

We would lose our home if he was let go. So at least for now, there is some stability back in our lives!

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That is wonderful news Kassandra!!!
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YAY Kassandra! Very glad to hear it! Hope the company continues to pull in contracts.
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Ghys must be smoking the catnip. With the price of cigarettes, I may try it.

We had rain, during the night and heavy fog, this morning. Fortunately, that's all gone and its sunny and warm, again. Of course, the yard is all muddy and my patio is covered with muddy paw prints. Once it dries, a bit, I guess that I'll sweep. Bill gets all macho, if I do any outside work but, what's he going to do?

Made the mistake of going to Albertson's market. They're totally redoing that intersection - no left turns and only one lane, each way. I have a love-hate relationship with road construction: I hate the inconvenience but, Bill works for a paving company.

Have a good one, all.
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That little Kahu is keeping me on my toes! I woke up at 5.30am because of cats jumping on the bed (Unfortunately, I am a very light sleeper) and so I got up. I was talking to my mum and my sister online and I realised I had not seen the little rascal, I looked all over for him, under all the beds. No Kahu. Then I thought to look behind the rubbish bin in the bedroom. There he was, trapped.

Later on today, I took a nap to catch up on my sleep, and when I got up, I went to the loo, and there he was, trying to get into the toilet. From now on, the loo lid stays shut!

He is so incredibly cute! But a little rascal, and I have to give Peedoodle credit for being so patient!
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Ahhh....I am mighty content right now. My belly is full. I'd really love a back rub and maybe a nap. Oh no I think I sound like Whiskers!!!!!!!!

Tania...Liver??? Never!!!!! (yuck) Chicken it is!

Cindy, do you mean to say that the catnip in that purty wittle purple shaped ball was NOT for me??? *sigh* Okay...I'll give it back to Whiskers.....but only tonight. I'm being good though. I don't smoke. I have it in my top drawer....here....somewhere....

Auburn, I hope you are in a better mood now. You know, it's alright to hate your job now and then and still be thankful to have one. I know people are having a rough time and probably would be thrilled to have any kind of job but it's also important to work somewhere you love. Almost impossible but....there is hope. I think you should tell your boss how you feel. Maybe his attitude will change if you tell him that his attitude stinks!

Kellye, you are doing GREAT with your exercise! Don't let me catch you quitting now. Remember: 2 weeks and it'll be part of your daily routine (that's all it takes to form a habit).

Kassandra.....WoooHooo!!!! I'm so glad for you guys! BTW: Can you help me with this can???? I....can't....seem....to....be...able....to....open....the....darn...thing.....( forgot the can opener at home, I'm using my exacto knife. What???? Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!)

Kellye, Whiskers ALWAYS tries to drink out of the toilet. I've given up on trying to stop her. I just don't buy any chemicals to go in the tank like 1000 Flushes etc....

I think she got that from the last time I drank a few too many! I've tried to explain to her that I was NOT drinking the water!!!!! She won't believe me...
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Another pretty busy day at work. We do have our office beer party, um, I mean office meeting tonight. No really, we have beer and munchies at our monthly office meetings. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm glad to hear everyone is in such a good mood today. It does tend to lift everyone's spirits.

Ghys. that reminds me of the last time I had way too much to drink. Trent gets hairballs, so when he saw me at the toilet he just came over and looked at me like, "Got a hairball Mommy? I understand." It was cute.
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Heidi....that's too cute!

Betcha look forward to your office meeting huh??? I am writing that in my daytimer and suggesting that for our next meeting.
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Um, what IS it about toilet water? Ed looks incredibly insulted that I would use the toilet for anything but drinking.

Ghys, I have have talked to him at times. He's one of those people who lives in his own world. He's really talented and basically a nice guy. But he complains about being overworked ALL the time (all the other pastors around here work the same amount of abnormal hours) and is somewhat of a control freak. I just have to remind myself he is human and it is NOT personal. And mostly tell myself GET OVER IT! When it starts to really affect people I have discussed it in a review session.

Beer parties? I remeber those days... hmmmm... Uh oh I'm at work. Looks around and posts quickly -- have one for ME!
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Let me rephrase my last post! ED drinks from toilet - NOT ME!!

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It's a beautiful sunny day outside! We are having our inventory done today. God bless my payroll manager! I was suppose to get my pay check tomorrow. She is here for inventory and she gave it to me today! Not only that but I was supposed to only get paid for 2 days of work which would have been for 24hrs. Bless her heart but she gave me a full 40hrs! I'm so happy! I've been broke for so long!
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I have my trainees studing so I have snuck over here for some R & R - woohoo! Kassandra - that is fantastic news about your hubby's company!

I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days. That is strictly from all of the walking I have been doing at work. While I am training, I still have to make sure everyone else in my unit doesn't need tech assistance so I have been walking back and forth all week. I wore my pedometre today and i have already walked almost 8 kilometres!

I have to do some more laundrey tonight to prepare for my trip and maybe start packing!

Ghy - I am glad you are doing well today!

hope everyone has a great day!
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WE GOT OUR LETTER OF INTENT! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! ...and when it rains, it pours! We've got a last-minute MUST TALK TO firm. The headhunter that contacted us said that all our references came back GREAT, and it's the BEST set of references he's ever had!!!!! We spent over an hour on the phone with the new potential firm today, we threw the big budget numbers at them for the Department, and they want to see us tomorrow.

GHYS - GREAT to see you in a good mood - kibble or no!

Nenners - Way to go!

Ady - EXCELLENT! ...and you must be getting excited for that trip!

Heidi - and anything actually gets done at these meetings? LOL!

Kassandra - also excellent! Another WooHoo!!!!

Auburn412 - we knew what you meant (didn't we? LOL!)

Cindy - given Bill's profession, construction is good!


Kellye - when we first brought the kittens inside, for the life of me I couldn't figure out how people owned by cats got ANY sleep at all!!!! ...actually, I still wonder that!

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That is SO great Laurie, hopefully you can get back on your feet again!!!! (((((((((((HUGSSSSSSSSS)))))))))))))

I have the blahs, so pass on all your good moods to me! I need it!

Kahu keeps getting himself into tight spots, I have to make sure this place is safe! LOL

Peedoodle is a wonderful cat, I think I am going to go and kiss him to death for being such a great cat!
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Originally posted by LDG
WE GOT OUR LETTER OF INTENT! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! ...and when it rains, it pours! We've got a last-minute MUST TALK TO firm. The headhunter that contacted us said that all our references came back GREAT, and it's the BEST set of references he's ever had!!!!! We spent over an hour on the phone with the new potential firm today, we threw the big budget numbers at them for the Department, and they want to see us tomorrow.
Sooooo, with this new found wealth when can I expect you to drop by for a visit?

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LOL! The "big budget" is for the Department - but that should start to trickle down to us after a year! It would just be SO NICE to have money to spend on marketing, systems and info again!!!!!!

But we WOULD have a salary again, at least for one year, and I can't imagine what it will be like not to be a month or two (or three) behind on all our bills...

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But how's this... if Gary and I ever become millionaires, how about we have a REAL road trip, and fly everyone to - where? for a big party! Arizona - and pile in at Cindy's? Or Vegas? Or Disney World? Mexico? Jamaica (never know when that Voodoo Ghys suggested will come in handy...) But it has to be warm and sunny, because we're no longer the Winter-weather people (sorry Heidi!)

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Boy, it's nice to hear that everyone is in a good mood! It seems to me that we've had a lot of problems lately, so we deserve some good feelings. But, Ghyslaine, we mustn't deposit our good feelings in the "china god," as George Carlin calls it! Just stay with the catnip! Heidi, we'll be looking for you to post bright and early and clear headed in the morning!

I have some good news to share too. My daughter-in-law is expecting. (not the one who had a baby in the fall) This is the one who has two little girls. This baby is a little surprise, the best kind. Well, I'm happy, anyway! She's not due until August, and by that time she'll be adjusted and looking forward to the birth.
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LAURIE!!!! Congrats - yesterday did turn out to be a SUPER day for most of us here!

We actually do get a lot done at the office meetings. I actually think it helps to have the beer because people aren't offended as easily if an issue comes up that directly affects them. Jeanie, the meetings are only 1 hour, and we all have to drive home after so the most anyone has (generally) is 2 beers.

Congrats to Jeanie too on the next grandbaby!!
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That's funny, Heidi, but it makes sense! It's better than some bosses handle things. I was just kidding, of course. (Hey Ghys, did you notice Heidi's typing was slurred? Disgraceful!!)
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tsk....tsk...I agree. Just disgraceful.


Laurie, I am soooo happy for you and Gary! You deserve it. As for the voodoo. Geesh! There are quite a few different ones. What happens when you use the wrong one not really needing it??? Jeanie, how's that for slurred writing??:tounge2: Too bad your next pay period is a year away...I can't even imagine that.
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Originally posted by LDG
But how's this... if Gary and I ever become millionaires, how about we have a REAL road trip, and fly everyone to - where? for a big party! Arizona - and pile in at Cindy's? Or Vegas? Or Disney World? Mexico?..........
When you get the millions pouring in remember the little people (and their respected furballs)! And remember us poor Canadians with our horrible exchange rates! I don't care where we go, just get me out of this renovation zone!

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Maybe we'll all fly up to see you, Kassandra, and help finish all the work on your home! (Although by the time we're millionaires, you'll probably be long done with renovations - maybe even on a different home!) LOL!
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