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Imagine the horror!!!!!!!!!!! (story enclosed)

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Let me just start off by saying I had probably the most terrifying experience of my life today. I can only IMAGINE the horror parents must feel when something like this happens with their children...because I am just getting over bawling what happened to my cat.

Today we got a new queen sized bed with a tempurpedic topper. We visited my grandmother who gave us loads of queen sized bedding sets, as we've only previously had a full.

So we bring everything in, it takes over an hour (we live on the THIRD floor)...and then my husband leaves to bring back the truck we rented to pick everything up. I went downstairs and swept up paint chips and glass from bulb that broke then came back up.

I come into the bedroom, put down the box-spring and mattress and figure he can do the whole frame thing when he gets home. I put on the tempurpedic topper, a mattress pad, sheets, the bedspread, and pillows.

Then I turn on the tv.

A few minutes go by and I haven't seen Sophie.

Sophie is a very needy cat, hates being alone and is always by our side when we're home.

So I start calling for first I don't hear anything.
Then I start hearing the worst sound a Mom can hear...those cries of "MOMMYYYYYY"....he keeps meowing and I can't for the life of me figure out where he is.

My first thought was that he somehow got outside when we were moving stuff or when I went downstairs to sweep up. I'm frantically running up and down calling him, I can hear him EVERYWHERE in the house meowing and meowing that deep cry that only means "mommy help me!!!!".

I check every cupboard, bag, rolled up carpetting we just got, the bathtub, closet, nook, cranny, EVEN the locked basement and attic.


Then I call Patrick and am bawling at this point and he's trying to tell me he HAS TO BE somewhere in the house.

A thought occurs.

I take the mattress off the box-spring and push it up against the wall. I pick up the box-spring and there he is. He SOMEHOW got stuck in between boards and stuck under the netting in one little spot lying in one little position for over 20 minutes. With me pushing things around over and over trying to get the heavy box-spring and mattress in the right spot in the bedroom.

I cried and cried, I've never felt so guilty. I picked him up and he was shaking yet purring.

I have no idea how he managed to get under there without me noticing...but whoa.

I called Patrick and was STILL bawling and he's telling me to calm down and I'm like " IMAGINE you were looking for him and hearing him crying for twenty minutes and couldn't find him anywhere, I thought I'd end up finding him dead!".

*deeeeeeeeep breath*

Two thumbs WAY down for that experience.
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I understand that panic completely! I had two experiences very similar to that, the first time, when I *finally* figured out where the crying was coming from, it was the refrigerator and the 2nd time, it was inside the dryer (actually inside, not where you dry clothes but inside inside the dryer).

Both times it was Ducky and both times, he was ok.

Just hug your baby really close and be really Thankful that you found her and she is ok. And hugs to you.
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Oh my god, I checked the fridge too!!!
The oven, EVERYWHERE, it was the scariest experience ever!!!!

I'm still not calmed down completely, although my little angel is curled up on the new bed sleeping.

lol I think Sophie got over it faster than I have.
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Originally Posted by DaniMarie View Post

lol I think Sophie got over it faster than I have.
Im sure she did! and you will still be thinking it about it tonight. But the important thing is she is safe and she obviously feel safe now.
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Glad to hear that Sophie is safe and alive

Poor little guy! When I first got Luna I accidentally closed her in the pantry for well over an hour. She didn't start to meow and until then and took me another 10-15 minutes to find her.
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Scary. Very, very scary. It was an episode of that sort that taught me to watch all cats very carefully whenever the hide-a-bed is open. Our RB boy Gryphon found his way in there one day, and it was -- well, probably no longer than Sophie was missing, but it felt like about four eternities, as I'm sure it did for you. Glad your boy is fine and getting over his fright.
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Whew, I understand that panic all too well! I had a day bed when I was younger, and it had the pull-out bed underneath. I heard my cat meowing and sort of panting. Usually he'd end up in my closet when I'd turn around, so I sifted through everything there. Checked behind desks and dressers and between the bed & wall. Couldn't find him. I finally checked under the bed and he was pinned between the pull-out bed and the floor. The pull-out bed had him by the neck so he couldn't get his head out. I lifted it up and he backed out and curled up on top of the bed for a LONG time after that. It was pretty much choking him, I felt so bad, I have no idea how he got under it and stuck like that.

Glad to hear you found your baby and he was okay!
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Just wanted to share a picture of my baby right now curled up sleeping away while Mommy is still shaken up.

I think he likes the new bed and bedding.

*sigh* I love that cat....
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Bless your heart, I know the terror you must have felt. I'm so glad Sophie's all right! Now -- are you gonna be okay? Maybe you'd better lie down right there with Sophie and give yourself a little break.
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So glad that Sophie is ok. I would have been panicking and terrified, too! At least, it had a good ending.
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I'm so glad he is O.K.! How scary!

Years ago, I had a simliar experience! I lived in an attic apartment that had an unfinished storage area, and my kitty Wilda somehow climbed into the wall and between the floorboards and couldn't turn around to get back out. She was crying and crying!

My husband (boyfriend at the time), bless his heart, was with me for hours trying to coax her out and figure out where she got in there. He finally figured out exactly where she was and ripped up the floorboards to get her out. He got about two hours of sleep that night before heading to New Zealand for a month. He said it was a looong trip.
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There was one time that I couldn't find my cat and I kinda freaked a little.

It was right after I moved into my current condo. I was keeping my cat Rascal down in the basement for the first few days while I was at work (his litter box and food and water and toys, etc, were all down there). Well, one day I came home from work and couldn't find him anywhere! The basement is really small and honestly there is really nowhere to go! I couldn't figure out where the hell he'd gone.

Well, finally I figured out that he had jumped up further than I thought he could jump, and went through a hole in the wall (which is used to access the fusebox) and had crawled along well out of sight inside the wall there. I finally checked that area and I think I peeked in with a flashlight and called his name and he finally crawled his way out. Of course, looking at me, like "what's your problem, I was sleeping!"

Crazy cat...
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i have had that experience twice already and indie is only 19 weeks old! his first disappearing act he ended up under the bed which is only maybe 2 inches high - and hes a big kitty for his age! the second time he had hidden behind the fridge - which is fitted into the kitchen and got stuck! luckly i found him quickly so i really feel for you, 20 mins is a long time! hugs to you
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Aw for the two of you... I know how you feel, Zissou is the master of getting herself into situations like that.
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I am glad Sophie is ok.
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