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Need some advice on applying eye medication

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I have a huge problem Temper has an eye infection. Today I took him to the vet and he prescribed this eye ointment. The vet assistent is a pro and when she showed me how to apply it, it seemed so simple. Temper (true to his name) now seems to remember the procedure and will jerk his head as soon as I approach him from behind and try to squirt the med into his eyes. It seemed so easy at the vet's...
Has anyone ever had to give eye medication? I was thinking f using a cotton swab but the meds have to go directly into the eye. I'm at a loss!!!
On another note, how can I get a beautiful sig like a lot of you got with my kitties?

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I had to do this for one of my families cats when she was younger. We had to put a "strip" of the eye gel directly onto the cats eye twice a day for 10 days or something. Anyways, I found it actually pretty easy to do if I sat down, held the cat sideways against my body, rear end towards my left with my left hand coming up between her front legs to stabilize her chest/neck area. Nice and snug in there, when I approached her face with my right hand, she was very calm, and stably held, and I had full range of motion in my right arm and hand....she never really minded the ointment and never struggled hard, it just helped me make sure to get it directly IN her eye as opposed to around/beside it.
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Thanks... the problem is the head jerk. I can keep his body still but the head will jerk violently even when I try to restrain it. I'm stressed out and I know I'm stressing him out. This sucks!
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Do you have someone who can help you? If not, I usually sit cross legged with the cat in the middle so that my legs are helping restrain her body (I'm having to do this with assist feeding, so I'm familar with the head jerk technique that cats use). I then use my left hand to gently but firmly hold her head still while my right hand (since I'm right-handed) administers the food or medicine that needs to be given. Sometimes she jerks anyway, and we just try again. To hold her head still, I put my hand behind her head so that my fingers and thumb can grip it from both sides.

As for the signatures, I would go to this forum, The Signature Shop: http://thecatsite.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=47
I made my own using Microsoft Paint (part of Windows) to resize the images and then to put them together, but mine is pretty simplistic.
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