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those tiny front teeth

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what is the latest a cat could loose one or two of those tiny front teeth?

I noticed the other day that Luxor is missing one on his top jaw and one on his bottom jaw. Of course I freaked out and pinned him down and pried his jaw open for another look. His gums look great, his teeth are great and the spaces where his teeth are missing are just gums. not like a broken tooth or a hole.

I'm concerned but thought I would ask you all if this sounds like normal, semi-normal or completely abnormal - in which case he'll go to the vet ASAP.

Luxor does like to eat things that are not food, but I wouldn't have thought that it would have broken teeth. He does like to pull on things with his teeth too, but I would have though his teeth would have been stronger than that. Maybe it happened a long time ago and I'm just noticing, but I'm pretty sure I noticed quickly. I search them up and down all the time trying to find stuff wrong with them...
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so am I to assume that it doesn't sound REALLY abnomal? Luxor is just over a year old.
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I've never paid attention to the little teeth, but I just looked at Demetri's who's 8 months and his are all there.

Checked a couple of the other cats who are closer to 1 year, they have all their little teeth
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A year is a little late to be losing baby teeth.
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i'll call the vet tomorrow.
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Any word from the vet? Riley is almost 9 months, so I'll have a look when I get home and see if he has all of his.
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I just noticed my cat has the same thing going on- missing a couple of those small top front teeth.   He is about a year and a half old.  Perhaps they were never there in the first place, I don't inspect his teeth very often.  He eats hard cat food with no problem.  Let me know if you find something out.  My cat is a gray mixed breed.  He looks similar to yours.  Maybe it's genetic.  

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Everyone is different, cats too. If they aren't bad I won't go poking around.

BTW, When I first got Peanut Butter from the Humane Society. My vet told me, he was older than 4 months, she was going by his size. When I looked at the tiny baby teeth I knew he was extremely younger. He is just a gigantic in his size. Bad Vet. Thats all the kind of vets we have around here. And when Peanut got deathly sick I had to go online to cure him of his cold. He was near death in my Vets care. Oops. went off.

Anyway White teeth good, brown bad.

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