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How is everyone?

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I just wanted to ask how everybodys day is going. It's a nice day here and I'm having a girls night out with my mom and aunt. It's been forever since I've done anything so I'm exited. I hope you all are having a good day.
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Meh. It's an AMAZING day here weather wise, lots of sunshine and perfect temps. But other than that it's mostly sucked (you can refer to my thread "I'm so excited" if you're interested).

I'm glad to hear you're having a good day and hope everyone else is as well!!
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Well other than a headache I can't seem to shake.....
Its sunny about 80F. Not doing a lot today though.
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I am having a very good day so far, lovely weather here so am planning on taking a walk this evening and enjoying it a bit.
Hope you have fun on your outing...
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Having a lovely day. I got my hair done completely different today (and will have a thread shortly!) - the fiance loves it! Though he keeps calling me "sexy stranger girl" joking around haha. We're about to head out for dinner, woohoo!
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So far im having a good day, BUT seeing as its Fathers day here ill have to leave soon for a family thing. My Mum, Dad and brother are fine its just the rest of the family that i dont like... lol so ill be having a good day till i get to the family function then itll be bad then will be good again once i get home. Well good that is aslong as no one starts some sort of argument. But with my family thats prolly not gonna happen. YAY FUN!!!
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