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Inka's special !!

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My sweet little fluff-ball has grown soooo fast lately ..! it is amazing how fast it went
Admire her , she is a real beauty !!

sleeping next to the pc

on the garden-table , ready for a walk!

what do I see there , mommy ??

hey look , Maya is watching us from behind that window !! (I definitely need another leash..!)
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sooo precious
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She is soooooooooooo adorable - you are very lucky to have her!
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Inka is so beautiful. I just love her little face, it's so expressive. Of course, Maya is just as pretty as little Inka.
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Ahh... those rambunctious balls of fluff... how I miss them.

Wait... no I don't I have some only they are BIG and not wee ones

Cute pix!
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She's beautiful! And is that snow I see??? :tounge2:
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they grow up so fast!!

Her colors are absolutely gorgeous!
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Aww what sweeties you have there!
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She is a ham.

I tried Charlie with the harness and leish.... Did not work. He is quite the hodinni.
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Lut - have you thought of entering your cats into the page a day calendar? All you have to do is go to www.pageaday.com and enter the photos of your cats and who knows, they could make it into the calendar? I think everyone should try it and see if any of our cats make it!
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