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I'm so excited!! Kinda long.

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I'm not sure if I ever posted about it or not, but we had to re-home our German Shepherd mix, Vega. We were out in the yard playing with all of the dogs and suddenly, without warning, she attacked Scooter. He was ok, except for a tooth sized hole in his side. She was so much bigger and stronger than him, and we were afraid it may happen again. So we found her a great home with a big family that has no other dogs. They update me every few days and absolutely love her.

It just hasn't been the same though, we're used to having four dogs. And after our Pit Bull, Shadow, passed away in January... we've been talking seriously about getting another Pit Bull (or mix) puppy. John said that once all of the foster kittens found homes and I had more time, I could look for a puppy. Well, I started looking immediately, even though we've still got Taco to find a home for.

We want one under 12 weeks of age to start out with, and most of the dogs I've found so far are older. While normally, I'd rescue any dog that needs a home, since it's a Pit Bull/mix I want to be extra careful. Especially in my area, where dog fighters are fairly common.

Well, last night I found a listing on craigslist, and there is a puppy for adoption about an hour away. I called the woman and she said she rescued two puppies from a friend who was going to give them to the pet store. The puppies look NOTHING alike, though they're from the same litter. One of the puppies is a brindle Pit Bull lookalike (no idea what he/she actually is), so I emailed just for more information. I figured John would say no, because Taco is still here, and he said AFTER the foster kittens are all in their new homes.

I showed him the picture and the woman emailed me her phone number. John literally threw my cell phone at me, after dialing the number and said "Go! Call, right now!".

John is at an auction this morning, but when he gets back we're going to head over there and meet the puppy. I'm sooooo excited, we might have a new little baby this evening!!!! Of course, I'll post pictures.

Please send lots of vibes that the puppy is still there, and that everything works out!
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Good luck Britni. I hope it all works out (and we will need pictures).
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Good luck Britni. I hope it all works out (and we will need pictures).
Thanks! John just called me and said they'll be leaving the auction soon. I'm so excited I can barely sit still! The auction is about 45 minutes away though, unfortunately so it'll probably be over an hour before he's home and we can leave. I'll definitely post pictures ASAP. Here's the one from the woman:

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Look at that precious face.
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Ah, he is such a cutie!! Hope everything works out for you!!
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U will definetly need to update us wat a cutie pie tho And I hope all goes well with meeting the puppy I hope it all works out
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Just talked to John and he hasn't been able to leave the auction yet because his mom is still cashing out! And he hasn't got a clue how much longer she'll be there... then he's got a 45 minute trip back here before we can leave! I have no patience, I'm ready to go meet the puppy NOW!! LOL
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awww, he/she is sooo sweet!! I relly hope that little cutie is still there for you waiting patiently for a new home
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Well, now I'm sad. Just talked to John and he's STILL at the auction. "We need to watch more stuff sell, we'll leave eventually". Grr. So I called the woman, "Well, the pups were in my friend's backyard and I'm going to pick them up now. Oh, they're not here and neither is her car. I'll try to track her down but the pups may be gone".
So I've been here alone ALL day and John and I had tons of plans other than going to see the puppy. We were going to have a fun day when he got back.. going to the mall and going to a big international cuisine store type thing, and the guitar store (all stuff he's been begging me to do for months but we haven't gotten to because he's always got OTHER stuff to do)... And then we were going to go meet the puppy.
I'm very frustrated and very upset. Just had to vent a little.
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VENT ALL YOU WANT!! Its been hours!! I really hope its not too late for the puppy.
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Just got off the phone with the woman again. She still hasn't gotten ahold of the woman with the pups, but she's going to keep trying and let me know the second she hears anything. I told her that when John eventually gets back we can hop in the car and rush up there right away, but I still have no clue when he'll be home. She thinks maybe the woman is just asleep and the puppies are in the house.

I have also talked to another person with two Pit Bull puppies that are in urgent need of homes as well. The little girl pup has just gotten over pneumonia, and the boy pup has gotten over Parvo, poor little things! They were found abandoned with their mother and they were all going to be shot! The pups are 8-10 weeks old now. So if it doesn't work out with the first pup, I'll have the chance to meet the other two puppies.

But I've already gotten so attached to the little brindle pup, just from the pictures! I really hope we'll be able to save her.
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She's really cute....I hope everything works out.
I love her (not so) little paws
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John's almost home... just called him again, I've been bugging him to death today and I feel bad because I've yelled at him more than once but I've been soooo frustrated because we had plans! We were going to get to drive his grandpa's car which is air conditioned and nice but since John didn't get back in time his brother got to take the car... which leaves us driving the car with no a/c.

I called the woman with the puppy (AGAIN!). She still hasn't gotten ahold of the friend but said she was walking over there again. The woman I've been talking to had the pups and put them in the ad for her friend but didn't think anyone would be interested so quickly so she let the woman take the puppies back home. It's a neighbor of hers so she's going to keep walking over there and trying to get ahold of her. Once John gets back we can leave the second she calls. But please send vibes that the puppies are still there because the original owner was planning on taking them to a shelter or pet store this weekend.
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