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HELP! My "outside cat is going to be a mommy soon!

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Thanks Anne for responding to my post. We have only one cat. Our neighbor
has a dog who does not like cats at all. My fiance is the one who has the
problem with her being inside. He dos not approve of the idea, I can
understand where he is coming from but I wish he could be a little more
understanding. He loves he very much too but is concerned that she may have
a disease and she is not house trained because she has adapted to being an
outside cat all of her life. I have tried to tell him that if she were to
have something that it would not be contaigous to humans but he is still
skeptical. I know that she does not have rabies because she is a very
loving and compasionate kitty. We both love her very much but I am willing
to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and out of harms way. Thank you for
clearing my post. Yesterday was the first time I ever visited the web site.
I am still new at this..lol. Is there anything special that I need to do
when she delivers? I have no idea about the whole pregnancy thing. I have
no idea how far along she is or what I need to do after she has the kittens.
Any words of wisdom would help! Thank you for your concern.
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Hi Jen,

Wow, I do NOT envy you this situation, my dear...but I think Momma Kitty needs to come inside to be comfortable and safe for at least 2 weeks before having her babies, and she needs to STAY inside for several weeks afterwards until all the kittens are at least 8 to 10 weeks old, and weigh enough to go to their new homes. Once all kittens have departed, Momma Kitty needs to go back to the vet and get spayed.

Cats can be amazingly drawn towards a litter box, whether they have been outdoors all their lives or not. Provide a space for her with the proper things she will need, including a litter box that is changed regularly, and I think you will find Momma Kitty will adapt to indoor living quite nicely.

Are there indoor cats that would be in danger of exposure if she came in? If not, then what exactly is it that your fiance is worried about? Fleas and ticks? Buy some FrontLine and that will take care of that. If Momma Kitty delivers outside, her safety as well as that of the kittens is in serious jeopardy. If you find you cannot convince him otherwise - then take this kitty in for a vet check up and let the vet tell your guy it is OK for her to come inside.

Once inside, there is a good thread with a list of things you should do when preparing for a birth here:


Please come back and let us know how things are progressing - I will be worrying about you guys now until I hear from you again.

Best of luck,

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There is a possibility a vet can abort the pregnancy. I know it sounds cruel, but you will face problems, especially trying to get homes for the kitties. I had a similar situation a year ago, and am now stuck with a FELV+ kitten (her brother died of it at 5 months) who is so far healthy and beautiful but must be isolated in my bedroom from my other cats. A friend of mine had her for a while, but complained about her moaning because she wasn't spayed and gave her back. I took a chance and spayed her (which is advised against because it can trigger the virus outbreak) and I actually think it helped her. I was told the constant moaning may have been due to cystic ovaries which are now not a problem. She is eating well and getting well-rounded. She is a sweetie and beautiful (a calico) but I feel very bad about keeping her in my bedroom. If you know of a cat-lover who will take proper care of her, let me know. This is an illustration of the problems you may face. But if you have customers for the kitties and can convince your husband to take them indoors in the basement, go ahead. But definitely don't let her have them outside. RUTH
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