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nght time

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I was wondering if cats will always come home at night or stay out walking around.

if your cat doesnt come home does it mean that shes hurt or tired so she cant move.

or does it vary between cats
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Cats are normally nocturnal, thus being more active at night.
This is why some people complain about their cats having the "nighttime crazies".

For outdoor only cats, unfortunately whenever I've heard cat fights outside it's been at night.
This is also when some other animals are more active.
It's really best if your cat must be outdoor/indoor to get them in at night, it keeps them out of some trouble.
If your cat normally does come home in the evening when you call and suddenly does not do so one evening, I would be worried and check several times. But then again I sometimes worry too much. It could just mean the cat just doesn't want to come in yet.
Spaying and neutering will also help curb a cat's behavior to roam.
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