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need good thoughts please...

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My s/o had a mole removed from his face a few weeks ago and now he had to go back today and have surgery to get the rest of it removed cause it might be cancerous melonoma to be exact. Please send positive thoughts that it isn't cancerous. I am worried so very much!
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You've got it coming from Lansing! My dad had something like that in the corner of his eye (where his nose meets). It turned out to be cancer, but I cannot remember what kind. They had to dig the stuff out pretty deep! That was mid 90's and just earlier this year, he had some on his neck and had to do the same thing. He is alright, but I think ANY kind of cancer is enough to scare the pants off of you! Best wishes!
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good thoughts to you!
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Good thoughts and prayers speeding your way as fast as possible! You have come to the right place.

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Here is your hug!

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Barb - all very best wishes and healing prayers coming to your s/o. My Mum had something similar on her face about 12 years ago. Thankfully they took the whole thing off and nothing has recurred, but it was a huge worry for us all.

Thinking of you!
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Barb -

Best wishes streaming through from Moline! (And a few hugs, too!)
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All my good thoughts coming your way Barb!
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Sending positive healthy vibes your way! My mom had something similar - skin cancer - she is fine now, but has to extremely careful in the sun! I hope everything turns out ok!
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Kellye...I love that kitty hug!!!!!

Barb.....good thoughts on their way. I hope everything turns out okay!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for your s/o.
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Lots and lots of good thoughts and prayers winging their way from Down Under for your s/o Barb!
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Thanks everyone. Yola they had to do that to my s/o also. They took the top off of it and had it analyzed and couldn't tell if it was or wasn't cancerous so they took the rest of it yesterday. I am hoping for good news that it isn't cancer.
Too much stress for one week!
he threw his car in a ditch two days ago and wrecked it, our roof is leaking so he's been up there fixing it and now this! I quit!
I love the kitty hug also thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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Sending more postive thoughts out to you Barb. Hope it all turns out OK.
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Of course I'll send the most positive health vibe I can send!

I'm sure he will be fine! Stop worrying! Your wasting energy on 'if's'. Stop it!

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Good thoughts coming from Chicago! I hope everything turns out ok. Hang in there Barb.
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Healthy thoughts coming at ya.

My mother had a similar thing done - she was fine afterwards, no recurring problems or spreading of the horrid c-stuff.
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Healing thoughts and prayers from me for sure!!!!!

...and Barb - check your e-mail!!!

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Positive thoughts coming from Pennsylvania, I hope everything turns out ok.
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More Hugs! I am sure it will be fine!
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I just saw this thread. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your s/o. Please keep us posted.
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