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They always look guilty

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For some reason when I get the camera out the fur babies always seem to look guilty. It makes me wonder what they were up to when I wasn't looking.

Hey, wheres the kittens head?

What? We are just laying here!

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Who Me? they do look guilty, cute but guilty
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very cute!!
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Awwwwww guilty or not, they are precious!!!
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lol! They DO have that "who me?" look
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they have that "i'm too cute to be naughty" look which all cats seem to have at birth and then develop it suite all situations
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haha, they do look guilty in that first picture! Adorable!
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Aww!! What a bunch of cute guilty furbabies!
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Soo Cute
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Aw, they are cute - refresh us on names?
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