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cocaine kitty

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At least the wife was honest enough to tell the vet about the cocaine.
I hope the poor kitty is alright.
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Can't they take the cat away? Give them a fine? Put them in jail? SOMETHING?
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Hmm, the guy has cocaine, his cat was locked in a cabinet ... sounds like a real winner out there! I'm surprised they cant take the cat away and/or charge him with possession if they searched his house. Glad the wife was honest enough to tell them the truth!
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IMO anytime illegal drugs are involved (pet or human) it should be reported to the police. Even if it was not required, the vet should have reported this to the police!
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Oh that poor kitty! I can't believe they aren't required to report it to the police.
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oh wow the poor thing. I woudl have thought that vets must report something to do with drugs. Thats just weird for it not to be a requirment.
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Yeah, I guess animals just aren't considered important enough to bother reporting to the police.
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Oh my goodness! Poor cat. I wish they could have taken the cat away and given it to a home where the cat would be taken better care of.
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That's horrible! Why do charges for circumstances like this not exist? It should be illegal no matter what species it is given to! That poor kitty! They should not have been allowed to take it home.
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OMG!!! How can people like that be allowed to have a cat in the first place?

How can the vet appear to turn 'a blind eye'. It's ethically wrong, nomatter what the legal side is. A vet is someone who cares for an animals wellfare. He shouldn't have allowed them to take the cat home.
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