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Mom's NOSY little girl! (dial-up warning?)

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Mini is an active little girl with a very nosy nose..

I was going thru my old Photobucket pictures & thought I'd share a small glimpse into Mini's life..

Ok, let's get to work!!

First we girls must check our Mom's mirror, of course...Oooo, are those makeup sponges? I love those!

Everyone knows good hygiene begins here.

I've been helping Mom with her art things since I was a baby..

I'm Mom's Art Director now, checking her work. I'll make her famous someday if it's the last thing I do!

Sometimes Mom needs an extra paw for her projects..

Hmmm...Mom's plants could use some Miracle go.

Mom knows she'll never use these buttons, why not give them all to me?

Time to pay bills! How can she find anything in this messy drawer??

Mom hates math, she always makes me do it.

Time for a nap!

The best place for a nap is on Mom's things....Of course.
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That's very, very cute. She seems quite helpful

Nice captions!
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Isn't she precious! She looks a curious little girl alright
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Haha, how sweet! The make-up one reminded me of my baby...LOVES my make-up supplies!!!
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I laughed all the way through this thread - she's ADORABLE!
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What an ADORABLE cat! Looks like a playful one. Smart, too! And I love your shower curtain!
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Aww, she's a cutie. And I loved all your captions.....
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Well I must say you have quite the little helper there. And shes cute too...
How much would you charge to send her this way for a day... I dont like math either....
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This thread really gave me a laugh, what a pumpkin! She looks very artsy too
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She's adorable.
I must say she has good taste when it comes to football if the picture would have been of Hines Ward, I'd have said football teams and football players
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She is so adorable and quiet a little helper, isn't she??
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LOL! That was TOO Cute!
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Thanks, everyone!
Yep, Mini is a very busy girl, this is only a fraction of the pictures I have of her getting into anything & everything! Sometimes she is so bad, I swear..
It's funny about the shower curtain-the cartoon kitties on there fit the personalities of my 3 characters & Mini's is right next to her in the shower picture.
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It's a great curtain! There's cat-themed EVERYTHING in our house, too -- hey, can anyone who loves cats ever see too much of their beauty, grace, and loveliness?
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What a pretty girl!
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She's adorable, those pics are hilarious, she could have her own TV show
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What a cutie - and so helpful too!
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Yep, sometimes around here it's the Mini Show!

This episode is Clean House...

of course each new garbage receptacle has to be thoroughly inspected & approved...

And Mini is in charge of making sure the cardboard is recycled...
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What a little helper. Those pictures are adorable! I love the one with the calculator, it's hilarious. Mini seems like such a smart kitty.
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With a "helper" like that, it's a wonder you ever get anything done!
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GOOD HELP IS HARD TO FIND -- and wonderful when it is found!
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