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our new baby

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All my life I have I have wanted a Quaker Parrot...Ive done lots and lots of every book I can get my hands on...and dreamed every night of the day I would own one!!! Well yesterday my friend and I went down town to check a few things out and visit a friend who has birds including a few quakers....she had a 6wk old baby and offered him/her to me I said deffinately but I had to talk to DH first...and he said I could have him/her Im soooo happy him/her is very very sweet doesnt nip at all and is on hand feedings twice a day which is really nice offers wonderful bonding time and he/she is a very sweet baby he/she chirps every time I come in to the room and start talking...the cats are rather amused by him/her If anyone has one and would like to offer me more advice or knows of a good quaker forum Im interested I love to learn!!!!

pic showing his tiny size
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I can't offer any advice.
Just wanted to say that he sure is a cute little thing.
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I used to belong to the quaker forum at up at six, great place.
Grats on your new green chicken, I hope you get many decades of enjoyment and love.

My one piece of advice:
I know it'll be really really hard, but do not spend any more time with your new baby than you intend to spend with it for the rest of it's life.
If you spend a lot of time with it now, and not so much in later years, you will have a big monster on your hands.
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Awwww! Look at that sweet face. I don't agree with people sending home unweaned babies because so many things could go wrong. But congrats on getting your dream bird!
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Originally Posted by Kaylacat View Post
Awwww! Look at that sweet face. I don't agree with people sending home unweaned babies because so many things could go wrong. But congrats on getting your dream bird!
I have to agree.
Hand feeding in order to bond is outdated
Both of my birds were parent raised and handled regularly, both are (well were in the case of my Quaker) socialized, and both bonded very closely with me.

Regardless, grats on your baby, please find a board certified Avian vet in your area.
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Thanks guys He is doing really well today! Thanks for the websites arlyn...They've been very helpful!!
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Very welcome
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What a beauty!!

Congrats to you!!
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She is so cute. What a beautiful colour. I hope she has a wonderful long life with you!
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Congratulations! Beautiful birds and full of character.

I'd be a bit wary of any breeder that let an unweaned baby go tbh, hand feeding isn't necessary for bonding - in fact it can have the exact opposite effect, you become their mum but when they grow up they don't want to form a lifelong bond with their mum and will choose to bond with someone else instead, so don't assume this will make him/her bond with you forever because the likelihood is that hand-feeding will prevent a lasting bond if anything - and many many baby birds die through inexperienced hand feeding (aspiration/crop burns from too hot food/crop impaction from too cold). Just be very careful with that little precious!

Quakers are supposed to be very keen talkers, has he started mimicking at all yet? He's a beaut!
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Congrats on your new Quaker baby! They are really amazing birds and make wonderful pets.
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Beautiful Quaker. It should start mimicking at around 6 months. I hand raised one for the pet store I used to work at and he started mimicking Sherbert(out 2 year old quaker) at about 6 months. I also taught him how to dance, give high fives, stick his tongue out, and a few other things. He went to his home a month ago, but I miss him so much.
Once he gets a few months old, start teaching him tricks. They learn quicker when they're younger. Also, introduce him to other people. Sammy was really bad for that, he didn't want to go near anyone but me.
They love chicken and kraft dinner when they get older as well. Its a great training device.
Don't forget to preen him when he gets older as well.
Here's a pic of Sammy. He's so much bigger than your little guy.

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Originally Posted by gothicangel69 View Post
Also, introduce him to other people. Sammy was really bad for that, he didn't want to go near anyone but me.
My SIL had 2 quakers and I will attest to the fact that if they aren't introduced to other people, then they will not be very social. Her 2 wouldn't have anything to do with us, and in fact even squawked angrily at us when we walked into their room, even after we lived in their home for about 3 months.
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I'd like to add that you should let him learn how to fly and land before clipping wings.
This will go far in preventing a lot of injuries when clipped bird startles.
In the process of learning to fly/land, they also learn how to fall.

Quakers are expert engineers, the best investment you can make for a Quaker is a regular supply of little coffee stirring straws.
They will play with them and most will end up weaving them into their cages, building massive forts, then they will tear them all down and rebuild.

Here is my girl, Abby, now playing at Rainbow Bridge

And here she is with my Hahn's Macaw, Murphy
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... very cute!!! Congrats!!!
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What a beautiful little bird! Have you named it yet and set up the first vet appointment? Congratulations!!!
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So cute! They are excellent birds! Just make sure you keep him well socialized. They tend to get grumpy if not! Ours is so funny, his name is bunker and he calls the cat. He says "Here kitty kitty kitty"

Its the cutest thing! Good luck!
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awww! Everyones quaker pics are sooo cute!!!!
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What a pretty bird! Congrats!
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