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weaning kittens

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well my two hand raised kittens will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and i've started trying to wean them. They will lap up some formula, or KMR second step, or even some moistened crunchies from a bowl. But they wont eat very much on their own. So I am still bottle feeding them as well.

What I do is, whenever it is their eating time, I make them their food in a bowl first, and encourage them to eat it from there. I let them have that for about 2 hours. I notice that they never eat much of it, so then I go ahead and bottle feed them until they are content. This has been going on for about a week now.

How am i doing? Any suggestions or input would be great. Should i just continue doing this and as they eat more from the bowl, ill give them less from the bottle. Until they are eating moistened food from the bowl all the time. Sound good? I never weaned kittens before.

Thanks! =)

they play pretty rough, is this normal for their age?
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Also, i forgot to add that they dont drink much water. I leave it out for them, but they just dont care to drink it. they get water mixed with their food though...
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first of, they are so cute!!
secondly this is a great site that will give you so much information.
with the water i wouldnt worry to much at the moment as they are drinking KMR from a bowl and your feeding them it, once you start to cut down the KMR you should notice them starting to drink the water.
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well thank you!! they are little rascals now, getting into everything and full of energy. I just feed them so now they are sound asleep on my lap as i type this.

I will take a look at that site.

Its amazing how fast they grow. Just a week and a half ago they were barely running around. But now they are agile, have great balance, and jump run all over. So cool! I am loving the fact that i decided to take these two in so young. They were with a foster mom, but i decided to adopt them early for the experience of hand raising kittens. i got them when they were only 2 or 3 weeks old. Im in love =) hahah
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Oh my goodness!! They are precious!!
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