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Rude drivers!

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I'm getting tired of all the rude people out on the road. Like the ones that would rather hit you than let you go first at a stop sign. My DH wonders why I hate driving and I'm always screaming and cursing people in my car. I guess stupid people just don't upset him as much as they do me.
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i hear ya!!! i HATE HATE HATE when drivers slow down to 45 in a 55, then when you go to pass, they speed up, GAH!!

ones i LOVE are the ones with 4 wheel drive in the winter. They always drive WAY to fast, then end up in a ditch later on,lol
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Sweety, try not to let them get to you

Screaming and cursing means you are not paying as much attention as you should to the road and the guy behind you thinks you are a rude driver too I hate seeing people raging in their car
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Yeah...I was driving to work this morning, going along with the speed of traffic, and a black Mustang pulls in behind me. Well, HE misjudged the distance and pulled out too soon - so he honked at me! Then I had to turn right into a driveway to go to my work, I signalled in advance, slowed down but didn't stop before turning....and he honked at me again! I guess I was just wrong for being in his way or something. Or maybe the blinky thing on the back of my car confused him, since so few people know what a turn signal is for anymore.

Seriously, what a jerk!
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Oh no last night I was on my way home at about 1:30 in the morning and this in front of me slams on his breaks to 30 in a 45 because he saw a cop. I about hit him and then went past him as soon as we passed the cop cussing him the entire time.
We have so many dumb drivers here so I feel your pain!
I always get mean looks from old people cos I drive with my windows down and my radio up and they dont like "that new fangled music"
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
I'm getting tired of all the rude people out on the road. Like the ones that would rather hit you than let you go first at a stop sign. My DH wonders why I hate driving and I'm always screaming and cursing people in my car. I guess stupid people just don't upset him as much as they do me.
I was on my way to class this morning thinking how much I would HATE a job that meant I was driving all day. You know, like taxis, or delivery. I was actually thinking that today. Ok, maybe I think that everyday, but I live in a city where people are inconsiderate and oblivious to other people on the road.

For example: 3 lane interstate. Right lane getting backed up from upcoming exit. 18 wheeler in right lane turns on his left signal to get out of the way. Almost hits a guy who is speeding past. swerves back. tries again. almost hits ANOTHER car that speeds past him. swerves back. tries again. almost hits A THIRD car that won't let him over. finally he gets over. These 3 cars? have their blinkers on now in the middle lane trying to get into the right lane that is backed up....at a COMPLETE STOP!!

AAAAHHHHHH!!! whew. that felt better. I really don't know how the truckers don't smash people to bits.
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I hear ya! It seems like they're every where you look. I get so tired of it too. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who knows what the heck I'm doing out there!
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Yes, rude drivers are the worst. In particular, I'm rather intolerant of tailgaters. Despite what they may think, it IS against the law and you won't be able to go any faster than I am going. I did something, twice, last month that probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world to do, but I was just so that these people were doing this to me, that I just couldn't help myself.

The first situation happened on a 55 MPH highway. Traffic was moving along rather slowly (about 40 MPH) due to the front of the line driver driving slowly. The girl behind me was tailgating me. Tapping my brakes lightly did not get her to back off....she just stayed on my rear end. Meanwhile, the car behind her attempted to pass us all, but it was at the same time that traffic started to speed up because the initial front of line slow driver had turned off. He stayed out in the oncoming lane for quite a while before he realized he wasn't able to do it, so he got back into our lane. Meanwhile, the girl behind me is still on my rear end...not backing off no matter how much I tap my brakes. So I did what I normally do....I just take my foot off the accelarator. We end up slowing to about 35 MPH. By this time, the car behind her, still wanting to pass, pulls out onto the shoulder to pass us.....when I saw this, I veered half onto the shoulder and refused to let him pass on the shoulder. I was It went on this way, until he got back in the lane. When he was able to finally pass me because the road changed from a 2 lane highway to a divided one way 2 lane road, I could see out the corner of my eye that his passenger was leaning out of the car looking at me like I was some crazy woman. I just looked straight ahead like nothing was wrong.

Second incident was about 2 or 3 weeks after that.....same road, except I was going to work. Some was tailgating me....I tapped my brakes about 3 times....he never backed off....so I took my foot off my accelarator and slowed to about 35 MPH....so he takes the shoulder to pass me and I took it with him. Refused to let him pass me. When he was able to pass me because of no oncoming traffic, we were in a double-line no passing zone coming out of a huge dip in the road.....and the passed me. Drivers like that just irritate me to no end.

Like I said, I know it was not the wisest decision to make in both cases...what with crazy people carrying guns and all...but I was just so mad......
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Over the summer, I learned to control my road rage... well, except for this morning.... anyway. I no longer try to get back at the people who drive crazy. I WANT to, but I control it now.

During the summer, I did my 40 hr/wk clinicals at The Regional Medical Center (The MED). It is the trauma center for the TN, MS, AK area. Maybe even further. Seeing the people who were airlifted there after a unimaginable wreck cured me of these feelings for a while. Sometimes I think I am forgetting what I saw.

These were people who were on their way to work and their lives changed forever. They were on their way to the grocery store, or gas station. They might have been these crazy drivers. I don't know. When these people fly past me on the interstate, I just hope I don't see them in the hospitals later. You would think it has to catch up with them.

Sorry, hijack over.
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