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Multi-Cat household food choices

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So I'm finding that my cats are getting picky Jordan likes certain flavors, & Isaac like differnt flavors. As we all know buying larger cans is cheaper. I know they all like Grandma's Pot Pie, but I'm sure they must get sick of the same flavor. I'm just wondering how other people handle this kind of problem. I don't want to be opeining 4 differnt cans of food for 4 differnt cats (well it would probably only be 3 because my good boy Levi will still eat whatever I put infront of him). Help I need ideas to make this easier on me!
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If they all like the one kind, what is wrong with sticking to that? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" as they say!
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I don't know. I've got 8 in the house right now & open 4 kinds of wet food.
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I buy 3 kinds for 4 cats, gotta keep the kids happy
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Nine here. Everyone eats the same breakfast, has dry food free-choice, and eats the same dinner. We have lots of flavors and varieties, but if it's salmon and shrimp for one, it's salmon and shrimp for all.
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When I had two ... it was often two different cans opened
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I have 2 cats and I sometimes open 2 different cans to appeal to my cats who have different preferences. Look on the bright side. It prevents your cats from stealing each other's food. My cat Spotty needs to eat more wet food to lose weight. If I only fed a wet food that both Rosie and Spotty like then Rosie would eat not just her bowl but Spotty's bowl as well and I would be fattening Spotty up with more dry food. So I have to feed Spotty some wet food that Rosie does not like.

I can see how it could be more complicated if you have more than 2 cats. But I believe that to a certain extent and as long as your cats are eating at least some cat food every day and not starving themselves you can take the "You get what you get, either you eat or go hungry" approach. Cats adjust to this and if they skip a meal every now and then it's healthy anyway. Chances are high that if you are leaving a bowl of dry food for them to snack on in between they're very well fed anyway. Most house cats are in fact overfed. So I've learned not to worry if they reject a meal every now and then. I also make it a golden rule to feed lots of variety. And if you have a food that all your cats love, that makes a pretty good staple.

If you're feeding canned only, I can see why you might be concerned about wasting money on food your cats might not eat. But they'll learn if you don't spoil them too much. For example, picking up a food they won't eat right away, throwing it out and putting down something else. That's how cats train humans. They're great manipulators but don't fall for it.
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