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It takes someone special to recognize when an animal's quality of life is zero & make such a decision. I am a firm believer in the fact that Kipper knew you were doing what was best.
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Kipper will be safe and well over at Rainbow Bridge now.

She won't be in any pain, and she'll be running around like she was a kitten again

Have a wonderful time Kipper, but keep looking down on those that love and miss you so much

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I know what it's like to lose a cat, and someone that you have loved nearly forever. Two years ago I had Tucson PTS. It's still very, very hard to talk about that night. I'm still grieving for him, because we were so close, and we loved each other and it was the saddest thing I've ever had to do. He was more than a cat, he was the center of my life.

I know how it feels, and I'm so sorry. But just know that Kipper will be there for you no matter what. You just have to remember the good times, and just hold onto those memories and she will be there for you.
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On behalf of myself, Barkley and Petunia we send you lots of and during your time of grieving. I have lost a beloved cat (his name was Sam, seems like ages ago) so I know how hard this whole transition will be for you, now that your beloved Kipper has crossed over to the Bridge. What helps keep Sam's memory alive is that while he was still vibrant and healthy I took many photos of him and sometimes I will pull those out and just have a look. I will also show them to Barkley and Petunia. What helped me in easing some of the pain was eventually adopting the two little ones that I have now. Just try and take some comfort in knowing that you did the humane and loving thing in order to end her suffering. And trust that she knew that and wont ever forget all the special years she had with you. In time the hurting will subside but the memories you made with her will last a lifetime. We are all here for you if you need someone to talk to
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Originally Posted by kipper3972 View Post
thankyou for your support.
I keep thinking she is still here.
I miss her so much :'(
it'll be that way for a while, but it'll get easier with time. we're all here for you during that time, too
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I'm soo sorry.. I can't imagine your pain for having a sweetie for so long and having to lose them..

You always have us to talk too, and I'm sooo sooo sorry...
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I feel for you and I know the feeling -- this has happened to me too, many times, and it happens to be true. In spirit, Kipper IS still there with you and will always be. May that thought comfort you as you deal with the transition...and yes, we are all here to be of support to you.
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How are you doing? I hope well. I had my cat, Jake, pts a week ago yesterday. My feelings are up and down like a rollar coaster. Mostly down. I hate that I had to make the decission and feel guilty for it. I keep saying, "What if this or what if that? So I'm just wondering how you are and how you're dealing with it all. I also miss my Jake something awful. It feels like someone blew a huge hole through the middle of my heart.
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