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Whats for supper everyone...

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Thought maybe we could use a fun up beat thread. So in light of that here is the question:

Whats for supper?

We are having home made chicken noodle soup
Home made dinner rolls
We may have something else with it but unsure right this second

dessert: home made banana bread (making that right now)

(man I love that bread machine)
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I have a rather large quantity of king prawns, I'm going to fry them with loads of garlic and some chillis and serve with taglietelle or spaghetti on the side
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Leftovers!!! I really don't feel like cooking and I just gave the kitchen a good cleaning.

Well I actually need to make 2 cherry cheese pies (recipe courtesy the Cooking with Cattitude II cookbook!) and a cucumber salad for my parent's BBQ tomorrow! YUM!
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John's bringing home pizza... not the healthiest but yummy!
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I am going to barbeque a beef roast some baby potaoes and corn on the cob
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Not sure what to have. I went grocery shopping and didn't buy anything that was "fast" to cook and the last thing I feel like doing after grocery shopping is cooking

I'll probably make a salad of some kind: maybe "Oriental Beef" which is pretty easy. Basically mix up the dressing and add it to a salad made of:

shredded lettuce, pea pods, mushrooms, bean sprouts, red onion, and thin sliced roast beef topped with toasted sesame seeds.

Tomorrow I'll probably have meat loaf. I'm so addicted to my meat loaf recipe, I could eat it every single day!
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I have not had meatloaf in a long while. Did you get the recipe online?
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
I have not had meatloaf in a long while. Did you get the recipe online?
No. But I have posted it here before. Here it is:

I love meat loaf, but this is the best one I've ever had and I keep making it again and again.

It started out as a basic meat loaf recipe from a magazine and I've doctored it up and changed it over time and this is the final one.

1 onion, minced
6 slices of raw smoked bacon, diced small
2 cloves of garlic, minced
2 pounds of lean ground beef
2 large eggs
4 TBSP white horseradish (bottled)
1/2 cup uncooked rolled oats
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp dill seed
1/3 cup ketchup
2 TBSP packed brown sugar

Combine all ingredients (even the brown sugar and ketchup) and mix well. Pack it into a 2 Litre rectangular loaf pan (I use a glass one). Bake at 350 degrees for 90 minutes. Drain off fat and let stand for 30 minutes before cutting.

Makes 8 servings.

Great cold and in sandwiches too.
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Thanks Nataile I am writing this one down.
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Dinner hmm.... idk as of yet but I am hoping pizza from somewhere good
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we have just had naan bread, popadoms and curry - all home made! im very proud of myself
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One of the joys of being the cook taste tasting as the food cooks. The chicken noodle soup is coming out great. Way better than store bought. That goes on the list of things I will make again. Banana bread came out good. Not quite the same as store bought but still good. Got the dough going for the dinner rolls.
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Thanks Nataile I am writing this one down.
You won't be sorry! It's soooo yummy!
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We had peas with mushrooms and pearl onions, deviled eggs, and fish sticks.
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The possible options:

If mom is home, something good no doubt. Homemade or the like.

If mom isn't...well, I guess we're stuck with PB&J's, french toast, or pancakes. My dad's not that great of a cook if you know what I mean
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I am having a burger from Burger King and later I am going out to Boston Pizza for Fishbowl Fridays (alcohol served in a fishbowl) so we will probably get something there.
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Taco salad per Mrs. Harris' suggestion the other night! Yum!
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A maccarioni and cheese TV dinner.
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I've been cooking for four hours! We are having a very good friend over and I've finished everything so I'm taking a break (he'll be here any minute).

I've made everything from scratch, with fresh ingredients:

guacamole & chips
black beans
mexican rice
chicken & cheese enchiladas

I made the enchilada sauce from dried ancho peppers - finally found a store here that carries them. I'm ready for a margarita now.
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Tonight it is Shake and Bake Pork chops. Shoestring potato's and Mushroom gravy.
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We went to Waffle House after our bowling meeting. Weee. I had 2 eggs, toast, hashbrowns and a chocolate chip waffle.
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Tonight I'm having homemade beef stew with rye toast and a salad.
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Tonight will be:

Pan Fried Pork Chops, no breading and using olive oil
whole grain brown rice
green beans
homemade sweet rolls
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Today for reward meal we are smoking a pork butt with our new smoker, which will then made into pulled pork, cauliflower rice pilaf (means no rice, but a finely grated cauliflower is used), my recipe for a sugar free kick-butt coleslaw, with a bit of homemade peach ice cream w/ fresh strawberries atop, for dessert and coffee.

Brunch was cheese,scallion omelet, sugar free free range turkey sausages, broccoli, and George Stella's recipe for hollandaise sauce (compliant for any low carb way of eating), coffee. My first time in years making a hollandaise, it was sooooooo good!

Yup...back on that diet (yes, the above is compliant, I don't do no stinkin' low fat..hah!)
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Tonight I picked up a calzone with extra cheese and fresh garlic for me, and a calzone with cheese and pepperoni for Rob. I could LIVE off calzones from Italian Bistro II... I've missed real Italian cooking - it's so hard to find in the south!
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I made myself crawfish etouffee. I like cajun food and learned something about it from my last GF's family. That and I got Cosmo from her, so what could be better?

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We had leftover vegetarian chile... mmmm so good. My mom made up the recipe, it's got barley and three kinds of beans and peppers and all kinds of good things in it. So tasty!
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I didn't have anything really. I had a big lunch before we came back into town (we went out of town early yesterday then came back today) at Fudruckers and I am still full from going to Red Lobster yesterday. they give you salad first and all the cheesey biscuits which I LOVE and then I had shrimp and fries hehe and 3 glasses of dr. pepper. but I snacked on some chips and licorice and had chocolate mini donuts awhile ago and I may have cereal in a bit. the cinnamon toasters kind.
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I made chicken salad with onions, celery, and a dash of sage. I had that on a crusty kaiser, and a bowl of tomato soup..It was yummy
For dessert I had some tropical fruit salad, made with pineapple, mandarins, coconut, cherries, pecans and miniature marshmallows.
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We had some KFC! YUUUUUMY!
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