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help please...

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I know it's odd that I lurk mostly, then pop out of the woodwork for a posting spree, but I'm kinda shy, and when I do post, it's 'cause I know you guys understand, being cat-people...
That being said, I need to ask, have you ever had roommates? I mean the really annoying kind?
Most stuff I can live with as clashing personalities (maybe I'm too picky about certain things etc...) but now they're interfering with my cats.
They seem to think that it's their business what I feed my kits, how much money I spend on them, in short they think I'm crazy.
They do have a cat of their own, whom they feed Friskies dry, and only that (not my business) but I have informed them I do not want my cats eating that. Not only do I think it's crap food, but my Sam has food allergies and long fur, the combination of which is pretty disgusting.
I have to say, it is INFURIATING to have my roommate hanging over me in the bathroom as I'm cleaning diarrhea off my poor boy's bum fur again, insisting that nobody ever gets sick from that food.
The worst is I have blatantly told her that I want her to shut her door when feeding her cat, and yet I still hear her shaking the food-jug in the morning, to entice my cats while she thinks I'm asleep.
AND she can't wait until I run out of my dry, to fill my cat's dishes with her food.
and don't even get me started on the food recall, she narrowly escaped being throttled, cause she kept bringing crap home saying "it's not on the recall list, why are you being so crabby?"
Maybe I'm being to picky, maybe not, but I think I'm right in setting my own rules for my own cats and expecting complete adherence aren't i?
Then there's the vet, I'm getting sick of hearing how expensive that is "your cats are indoor, why do you need shots every year?"
To which my reply is "If that's how you feel, why are you letting your cat outdoors, and NOT getting her shots?"
Their reply? "Too expensive"
I KNOW I'm right, or at least doing the best that I can, under the circumstances, I'm learning everyday, by lurking this site, but they really are making me feel like I'm over-obsessive or a mean meowmy.
Thanks for letting me rant *re-lurks*
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People like that shouldn't have cats IMO!!
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That would drive me nuts! She should respect your wishes. If you are roommates, then you share the living expenses, which means you have every right to expect her to respect your opinion when it's in regards to your things and your own cat. Some people. I can sort of relate, though. I used to have a roommate who had the worst habit of shutting doors and forgetting about the litterboxes, which caused me to come home and find places where the cats had to go, but couldn't get to their boxes. I can't tell you how many times I complained about that. Not to mention, this girl was a complete slob. She didn't like to clean. All she wanted to do was sleep or go out. She left dishes everywhere, clothes thrown wherever, kleenexes laying all over when she was sick, etc. The worst of it, though, was when she decided she didn't feel like working and expected me to pay the bills by myself. I finally had enough and moved out. I hope you can work this out with the cats.
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If this person is gleefully tormenting you, which is how it sounds, you've got to get out of there. If not, if it's just benign stupidity -- can you offer to take care of her cat, too? Can you just tell her you'll do cat care for all of them if she'll just stay out of the whole issue?

It has to drive you crazy to see a cat in your own home being neglected the way she's neglecting hers. What a shame.
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actually, I want to sneak Kitty (her name) out to the vet for an exam, at the very least. the poor thing is obese, and has knots all over her back, but getting near her is the challenge, she's vicious to everyone but the roomie. I'd also have to do it while the roomie's out.
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That is just awful! It sounds to me like she doesn't understand anything about responsible pet ownership. I have to say that I grew up not knowing much of what I know now, and my cats paid for it. I lost them at age 9, 11 and 12. One to a heart attack (didn't know she had a heart condition!) and another to kidney failure and thyroid problems. My first kitty I'm not sure exactly what she had. She was very sick when she was PTS though. It wasn't really till I was on my own and too late in my other cat's lives that I started to learn about the importance of regular vet trips and especially QUALITY food. I'm still not feeding my girls what I would like, but I'm doing the best I can. And when I can afford to, I will buy better.

If she was raised thinking that is how you treat a pet, then I can see it seeming very strange that you treat your cats like that, but still. Maybe sometime when she's griping at you about the food you feed your kits, you can slip in that what she's feeding her cat is the McDonald's of cat food. If she keeps it up though, I'd loose my temper eventually and tell her to mind her own business!
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I agree with MochNNoodles...I would have lost my temper by now as well.
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First of all, I don't think you are being unreasonable at all! Why do they get upset about how much you pay for cat food? Does all the cat food come from a house cat fund, or does everybody buy their own? If you all put money aside for cat food and yours costs more, then I think they do have a reason to say something, but if not, it's none of their business how much you pay. As long as you cover your part of the bills what do they care what you spend the rest of the money on?

I personally feed my cats Cat Chow, which I know is also considered McDonald's of cat food, but ANY change in their diet can cause problems with their digestive systems and give them the runs. Explain to them if you started feeding their cat the expensive stuff, he would have problems to, at least for a while. And, if you cat has allergies they need to respect that.

I feel so sorry for their cat. We have outdoor cats that we feed and take care of, but we live on a farm so outdoor cats are necessary for in the barn. But they still get their shots and go to the vet if needed. It sounds to me your roommates have no idea how to properly care for an animal.

I would suggest either making them move or, if they were there first finding another place to live. Good luck honey!
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