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Please help me understand what to do

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The answer to this question is very important to me. I have a three-year-old cat, Talula, whom I adore and can't live without for more than a few hours. Talula was hit by a car as a kitten and my friend and i rescued her. I had to get her tooth surgically removed because it was cracked and the vets feared it would lead to deformities in her face. she's doing really well now, sans physical residual from the accident.

Talula has helped me through a lot of problems and her well-being is at most important to me. Here's my scenario and question: I have a boyfriend who has a huge house and lets me bring Talula whenever I want. I go to his house half the week. I've been taking her with me, though I know she hates the carrier. Once she is at whichever house it is to which I take her, she hides for a few hours then adjusts, plays and eats. But every time i put her in the carrier she screams.

I don't want to leave her alone when I go away so I just take her. Should I be doing this? or should I leave her alone for a few nights a week? which is better for her well-being? i do have a roommate so she wouldn't be entirely alone but i just don't know which is the right thing to do.

please help. i want my cat to be happy.
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Does your roommate like your cat? If your roommate will take good care of your cat, then I would say leave her home. Cats don't like change.
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It sounds like the carrier is the main problem, the primary stressor. If you can do some behavioral modification so she doesn't hate the carrier, then I don't see any problem with it. Look for articles online about how to get a cat to like going into a carrier. Maybe you'll have to buy a different carrier, too, as this one already has too much negative association.

Cats don't like change --- well, yes, that's true, but cats also need and enjoy mental stimulation. I think taking this cat to the other house is fine because she's only there for awhile and then goes back to her familiar and safe territory.
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A cats routine shouldnt be changed but if your roomates hate cats then your cat may not be safe there.
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How many times has she made the trip to your boyfriends house?I would think that after a few trips she would learn that it is not something to fear. It could be beneficial to get her used to both the carrier and to experiencing a change in environment. It should make vet trips easier.
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