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Travelling Mommy

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Hey y'all! Seeking advice from any of you who travel? I've always travelled In fact I started dating my husband because I needed a cat-sitter. So now he is my permanent cat-sitter. LOL

Anyway, the last weekend I was home, my male cat was intensely needy. I've never seen him so expressive. He sat with me, slept with me and followed me around. His sister, from the same litter, was her same old self. They are 4 years old and have been together since birth.

Could he be missing me?

Any suggestions on what I can do to reassure him from afar? My travel schedule is quite erratic.

Thanks for any input,
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Now don't laugh at this, because it does work. But mail him a letter while you are away. Take an old ratty tee shirt you don't really care about and put it on and do a full aroebic workout in it. Get it really sweaty- then stick it in a ziplock bag. Before you leave on your trip, take a smaller ziplock and take the shirt out and quickly cut it into small strips. Put some of the strips in the smaller bag and put the rest of the shirt into the large bag. Place the small bag of strips in your suitcase.

While you are gone, mail your kitty a piece of paper that you have laid on the night before while in bed, add the strips of this shirt that smell like you. Tell your boyfriend to just put the strips and the paper in the bed with the cat, or near where he eats. Your smell will come off that paper and cloth and soothe him.
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Thanks for the info. I may try some version of the t-shirt thing. Because the full blown version would mean I'd have to exercise on purpose! LOL

I will mention his behavior to the vet, their annunal is coming up in March. But I don't think it's a physical problem because my husband hasn't noticed anything out of the ordinary with his behavior.

Maybe it's my own guilt feelings. I feel as though my little angel is looking soulfully into my eyes wondering why I leave him for weeks at a time. (sniffle)

Geez, I'm so not ready for human "motherhood"! Kitty "motherhood" is rough enough. But being gone as much as I am, I suppose I don't have to worry about that any time soon.

Thanks again!
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