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What kind of nut gets dental floss caught between their teeth?

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I guess the answer to that would be me. I missed 2 hours of work this morning because I had a piece of floss get caught between a crown & a tooth on Monday night & it just would not come out. I got lucky & the dentist was nice enough not to charge me for the visit today. Maybe that's because I told them, "Yeah, you guys said I need to floss really well around that crown & so I was and I got floss caught" Well the gums around that tooth are still sensitive, but the floss is gone.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has had this kind of strange thing happen to them?
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Nope, you're not alone. My teeth are so close together, the floss gets stuck all the time. The dentist says to pull it straight through instead of pulling "up" but it still gets stuck...
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I've got a crown and LOTS od fillings and I'm always getting floos stuck and tearing it which leave little bits. I've never had to go to the dentist to get it out though.
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I've never had that problem How are you flossing? Did they show you the proper way to floss (especially with the crown)? It is actually a good thing that your gums are so resiliant too though- that means they're in good shape i believe. If they do not have any resistance to them- that's not great from what my hygenist told me.

In the mean time- get some Sensodyne toothpaste (the fresh impact one is good!) -it'll help your sore gums
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I've had it get stuck. I can't stand the feeling of pulling it out through instead of up! Just the thought gives me awful heebie-jeebies!!!! I use the Glide brand floss and that seems to be better, but sometimes it still shreds or gets stuck.
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I bought some Oral-B Satin floss and that seems to be better. It doesn't shred.
This floss was stuck so I tired to pull it through & it shreded and some got stuck & stayed there. It was not fun, so I decided that it would be better to not be so cheap & buy some good floss.
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Cheap, shreddy floss is bad. I also can't pull through instead of up...that's just strange and seemingly unnatural!
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My teeth are very close together and floss gets stuck quite a bit!!
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Nope! My upper right back tooth is entirely filling on the outside. The root is healthy and I do need a crown but I can't afford my share of the bill (insurance only pays 1/2). I frequently get floss caught between that tooth and the next one. Luckily I can usually get it out though.

One time I went to get my teeth cleaned and they found a popcorn skin under my gum. I hadn't had popcorn in months! I do floss regularly but I guess the skin was in such a place that it wedged itself right in a spot where it didn't bother me and wasn't reachable by floss or brush.
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