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Here is a picture of Nickajack my Blue Lynx Siamese.I have a hard time getting a picture of him,he' shy!
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lol I can hear him now "Oh GOD! Please just hurry it up then!"
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haha, what color are his eyes?
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He probably thought that the flash hurt his eyes...Whenever we take a picture of our kitties with a flash they just glare at us like excuse me, we are trying to sleep!

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I got one with his eyes open!
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Oh my, what a handsome fella you are.
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He is a looker or sure!!!
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Wow! Would never have guessed blue eyes!!
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Wow! Those eyes are amazing. He looks so majestic. Luck you, sharing your life with a beauty like that!
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I hear the word lynx and I just melt. What a cutie!
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In the first one he look like "If I close my eyes will that flashy thing go away?"

He's a very handsome boy. Lynx is definitely a good way to describe him. He's got that wild looking face like a lynx.
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He's gorgeous, although 'pretending' to hate the camera!
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Thank you! Nickie is my favorate. He is so calm,never fought with any of my other cat's. always used the litter box,never clawed anywhere except the post,and loves to be brushed and your lap.Both of my sons want to take him home because he is so calm,even with the babies.{Human}. Sometimes Nickie is crosse eyed,to funny!He also is desexed.
Thank you again,I will try to get a picture with his eyes crossed.
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He is a beautiful kitty! His face reminds me of a cougar...

Lisa =^..^=
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