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Question of the Day - August 31st

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Do you have off from work on Labor day?
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Yes I do!
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Yes, yes I do!
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Yes, but I will be working anyway trying to get ahead of the curve.
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No work for me at either job!
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Noth planning to, but will be available via pager in case problems come up. Luckily however I can't think of anything that might since I will be in the office all weekend finishing up months end.
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Yes, Federal Holiday. And I'm off today too - will be going to the state fair.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
No work for me at either job!
same here Brandi!
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My THREE DAY weekend starts in 5.5 hours!
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Check this out... my normal off day is Monday, and because of that I get to pick and extra day off next week. Oh, what day did I choose? Tuesday!
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ugh. no. but I only work until noon on Labor Day so I'll probably just drag my fiance with me to work and then we'll just go have a picnic or something afters
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yup - payday today, and a 3 day weekend! Life is good right about now.
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No, the kitties require me to work for them 24/7/365.
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No labour day for mexico...
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Yep, I'm going back to college on Sunday and I plan on being completely useless on Monday .

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Yes I do! And I forgot about it until a couple of days ago, so it was a nice surprise.
Shame my hubby works this weekend though.
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I'm off on Monday, and I get out of here in one hour and 40 minutes (early companywide dismissal for the holiday weekend).

:signs the vonage commercial theme song "Wooohoo woohoohoohoo!":
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It's a stat holiday here, so yes.
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Yes I do too
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Yep, cuz I don't have a job.
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I'm not currently working since I'm school full-time, but I don't have to go to school Monday!
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Yes. But I am going in as if it is a normal day so I can use the holiday hours towards a 5 day Thanksgiving weekend.

If I didn't use the hours later in the year, I would get paid double time to work Monday.
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Labor Day weekend is one of my holidays this year. I'm on call Friday/Sunday, but have Monday (Labor Day) off. My other holiday to be on call this year is Christmas Day...
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Yup, I do! Plus I only worked a 1/2 day to day! I'm gonna need the rest because I have one heck of a week coming up! I'm going to be putting in a ton of hours! Month end, here I come!!!
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