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I try to check it everyday, but sometimes I forget. Particularly on Saturdays if we don't go anywhere. Otherwise I pick it up when we (DH and I carpool) come home from work.
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Since I can't leave my apartment without walking by my mailbox I pretty much check everyday. The only time I don't check is on the weekend or if I am at home sick..
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I check mine every day.

Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
I check mine every day. Its just at the end of the driveway so its not a big deal to walk out and get it. I just wait for them to come and put the red flag up so I know its there.
They put the flag up when they DELIVER the mail? I put the flag up when I am SENDING something. I wish it was the other way around sometimes. Especially when you are waiting for something, and you keep checking it, hoping the mail has run! hehehe
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I check mine daily when I get home from work. I don't put outgoing mail into the mailbox with the flag up. I prefer to take it to the post office and drop it off....as it's not really out of the way, on my way to work. It just seems safer, especially after my 'Psycho Dan' drama. And, yes, the thought has crossed my mind to get myself a locking mailbox!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Our mail can be delivered anywhere from late morning to mid afternoon so I check for it several times/day if I am home. However until Neil gets the new mailpost reconstructed we put out the mailbox on top of a pail mid morning and remove it once the mail is delivered.
Same here. I'm usually the one who checks the mail and I do it several times a day. Our mailbox is on the side of our house, beside the front door.
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Very rarely. Usually the mail is already brought in, because the fiance's parents get it when they get home from work (long before we do!)
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Everyday...whoever gets home first usually gets the mail. The only time it sits in the box is if we are out of town for the weekend - and even then it's a locked mailbox (I live in a complex) so I'm not too worried about it. Not that I get much mail anyways, it's usually junk mail and gets tossed right away, but you never know when you might get a package or a nice card in the mail!
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Every day at noon, I check (that's when it arrives). I still get excited if I see something with my name on it, lol
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