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Daily Thread TGIF 31 August

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Good morning, afternoon and evening all.

Well another cool day it was today. I think I can finally say I finished my Autumn cleaning ready for tomorrow.

All the cats love their new carpet tiles. I mounted one on a wall, quite high, so they get a full and complete stretch, I must say its really interesting to see how long they can stretch.

Ryu stood in his poop today, then wiped it on me, charming way to treat me, after I rescued him. Boy did the smell make your eyes water too.
On a good note, I think the ultimatum I gave my wife actually worked. The other day she mentioned getting rid of Ryu again, this happens every other day or so. I said to her "If one cat goes, then they all go" and for the first time ever she didn't have a come back and she hasn't mentioned getting rid of him again.
I mean yes I promised we would just make him better and then find him a new place immediately, but I didn't promise I wouldn't fall in love with him and want to keep him.

Anyway thats my gossip for you all, on this lovely Friday.

Have yourselves a lovely day, and if your going out drinking, have one for me.
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Morning! Half my day is over now, so i can't wait to get home

The new power pack arrived at work for my laptop, so you can bet your boots i'll be watching Jack and his little teeth like a hawk!
Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
Ryu stood in his poop today, then wiped it on me, charming way to treat me, after I rescued him.
Awwww Jack does that sometimes with being little, he's a lot better to what he was when i first got him though
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It only got to 89 yesterday and will only be in the 80s today. Goodness - almost enough to grab the winter woolies!

Another quiet day here though plan to work on some jewelry for Christmas gifts.
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Morning/evening all!!

Looks like it will only be in the high 80's today, much like Gemlady stated, we might have to break out the winter coats!!

Nothing really planned today, got to go w/MIL to pick up some tomatoes this afternoon so she can make us some Ripe Tomato Ketchup. (uummm gooood)

Well, everyone have a great day/evening!!
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I am so glad its alot cooler now, those days when it was 112 was so freking hot its high 80s forecasted here to!

I felt very guilty last night because we left Mellow at home for 11 hours on his own, thats the longest he as been left, we both got delayed, I know he was probably sleeping all day, so I made sure I played with him a bit extra last night, AND we let him in the bedroom with us while we were sleeping, becuase I didnt want another night of crying outside our door at 3 and 5 am! I put one of his towels and a shawl of mine down in a corner for him, and let him in the room while I was tidying so he could get all his sniffing and crazy catness done and we went to bed, at some time just after i had settled down and he was on his towel I remembered I hadnt put the lysol away, so I got up to do that, and of course he wanted to come with me and then he didt settle for a while, the next time i woke up, he was layed out next to my chest (he never even sits that close to us, so I felt loved that he was almost on top of me lol) i know i am silly, he tried waking me up at 3, by rubbing against mu hand, which I put under the pillow and went back to sleep, he settled by my feet, and then next thing i know its 6.32 and he is meowing becaue its time to get up, all this week our alarm has been going off at 6.35 and i guess he remembered! such a good kitty, so I think as long as he doesnt keep trying to wake us, he will be allowed in every night!

Well this is my last day of looking after a friends child with ADHD becuase he goes to school next week too so I will be back home with mellow.

I hope everyone has a nice day
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hey all, not much for me today. Just work and then home to do the laundry, fun times.
Woke up this morning to Lyra having a hairball. I wonder if Natural Balance dry food has a hairball control formula... anyone know offhand?
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Cooler and cloudy here is well, first time in months that I actually got my sweater out to take to work with me later.

The beginning of another holiday weekend for us, but thank goodness the last really busy one. I have noticed a decline in the tourist this week and by Tuesday we will be rolling up the sidewalks by 6P.M. once again for another year.

Working as usual today but it's payday so am going to bit a shopping afterwards. I went a little crazy on my linen drawer the other day an throw out a bunch of old towels, tea-towels face clothes etc. Actually I recycled them to dusters. So now I need to pick up some new ones so that's my plan for later.

Kitties are good today, tearing around the house creating havoc in their wake.

Everyone have a good one.
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I woke up super early this morning to go to a Dr.'s appointment with my husband, four hours from where we live!! Layla was in a good mood and wanted to cuddle so the day started off well, then my husband decided he was too "cranky" to go to the doctor, so we drove two hours then came right back home.... I'm kind of annoyed! But, I did get some pretty stamps and I am going to work out later so this might still be a good day! Oh and it is hot here to, they predict somewhere in the 90's this afternoon and also a big chance of rain.
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Hello everyone!

It's 68 degrees in my house! (BRRR!) I had the windows opened all night and just got up to close them (and turn on the a/c in case it rains again) so I could get ready for work.

My parents are coming Monday night, so I won't be around much then. But I'll post after they leave promise. I've already talked to the cats about them because my parents aren't much of cat lovers, so that bothers me, but I'll deal as long as they are good to my cats.

ok, gotta go, late for work... YIKES!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!
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I need to take a nap!!
I worked this morning for the second time this week at a new clients house and dig lots of digging to remove some weedy grass and other plants in spots they aren't supposed to be. So I have a shore neck and shoulder (massage anyone??)
A very nice late summer day here in Wisconsin its currently sunny and 75F with no humidity.
Neil is working on the new mailbox post and he is going to a HS football game later with a friend. I have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge and will sit out on the patio with a glass of wine and a good book.
Obviously not terribly motivated today!!
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Hi peeps! I know the day is almost over, but I'm posting anyway cuz I have good news!

I saw the neurologist today for my follow up from all the tests when I hurt my eye in the end of July. He said my MRI came back great and so did the other tests! One he said 'was a little confusing' but he asked if I did a certain test at the eye doctor and if I knew the results, which were also great. I think I may have skewed the results on that one a bit because I was having a very hard time not blinking.

So I'm pretty much free and clear now! In the end I think they determined the injury was to my cornea and the front of my eye, which just took time to heal. I knew nothing was wrong with my brain and nerves and they were pretty sure too, but checking to be safe. They do want to do another MRI in one year as a follow up, but I honestly don't think it's necessary.

In other good news areas: one of my very best high school friends moved back to the area and she stopped by my house today since she can't make the BBQ tomorrow where our other best friend will be. So we are planning lunch for a Saturday in September! We haven't been together for like 5 years or so now! I'm excited!
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Todays I good day! I found the new pack of gum in my car that I lost recently.

I had written it off as being totally lost, but I found it!

Sorry I have a huge worry about always having good breath!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Todays I good day! I found the new pack of gum in my car that I lost recently.

I had written it off as being totally lost, but I found it!

Sorry I have a huge worry about always having good breath!
Don't you just hate losing stuff in the car??

My wife lost her glasses, the type with coloured lenses, so after a week or so, she ordered new ones {thats actually how I found Ryu, waiting for her to oick her glasses} "I said to her, I bet they show up after you buy new ones". Well it took them 10 days to make the new ones and she had them for about a week but had to take them back because the lense strength was too weak. It was on that day when I was getting into the car, I found her old glasses under my seat, she was spewing as anyone would be but more because, earlier that day, she had opened the car door and didn't see them. TBH I never looked in the car for her when she first lost them, but I'm sure I told her to look everywhere first, before buying the new ones, but hey it must have been destiny saying I gotta save Ryu.
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