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oh heck, what a scary time for you all glad to hear he went through the surgery OK and you can have him home

Lots of careful tummy tickles for you sweet boy
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Poor Mosi, what a thing to have to go through! Our Sassy is a string and ribbon and rubberband swallower, and we have to be so very careful -- yet she's still managed to get hold of some small things now and then, heaven knows where. We find them when they reappear from one end or the other.

And every time we get a new string toy, Clydie chews through the string within minutes. Doesn't eat it -- just chews through and walks away!

So I've started replacing the strings with very heavy round elastic cord from the fabric store, and he hasn't chewed through that yet -- I think it sort of slides out from under his teeth when he tries.

And I think the cord is so thick that even if he did swallow some of it, at least it would not be fine enough to cut him inside, y'know? A blockage, maybe, but not cuts. Maybe that would be a good idea for some of our string-swallowers...
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Glad to hear he is OK, hope he has an uneventful recovery
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Thank goodness Mosi's okay! for his recovery!
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My little boy's home now Looking a bit sorry for himself with his shaved tummy (all that lovely long tummy fur gone ). He's been into his litter tray and done a nice poo for me. He's a bit quiet but otherwise seems fine. I'll be keeping a very close eye on him over the weekend. He has to go back on Monday for a check up.

Jaffa is being cautious about approaching Mosi (they're in separate rooms at the moment through choice) but I've done the vanilla trick and Jaffa did approach Mosi once and just give him a gentle nudge on the paw with no hissing so that's good.

Most of Mosi's toys of the da bird type have a thicker string so it's not easy for him to chew through it. Da bird will certainly be banished to the cupboard the second play is finished from now on.
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The poor little lad was obviously sore last night but he's looking much more comfortable today. He can get onto the sofa and the bed, although I think it hurts him a little. He's curled up asleep at the moment and looks more comfortable than he did last night when he seemed to struggle to find a comfortable position. He's even had a little play in a cardboard box this morning! He's also eating finally - he wouldn't eat last night but finally managed a piece of chicken before bed and has eaten some Applaws chicken flake this morning.

Jaffa is still growling and hissing at him though. Poor Mosi doesn't understand why and just sits there looking a bit bewildered.

I finally poured myself a much needed glass of wine about 8.30pm last night and Jaffa promptly knocked it over Rather summmed up my day.
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You and Mosi are in my prayers. I hope Mosi makes a complete and comfortable recovery from his surgery. My Maggie (who chews everything) ate a piece of 1/8 inch wide ribbon...about a 2 1/2 foot long piece. It was on the laser pointer, so I could hang it around my neck and not lose it. I took her to the emergency vet and they x-rayed her. I watched her and the litter pan for weeks, but nothing ever appeared out either end, and she never showed any ill effects from it. I'm guessing that because it was such a thin piece of cotton, it was digested. I guess I'll never really know, but I certainly can understand how worried you are! Hugs & purrs to Mosi, and also to Jaffa and you!
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Oh Mosi, what a bad little kitten you are! You should know better than to eat things like that.

I hope the little sweetheart is doing well today, and that he learned his lesson to never, ever eat something like that again.
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Sending get-well-soon vibes for Mosi...
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sending get well soon vibes Luxor eats through anything in the blink of an eye, so I know how quickly this can happen.
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Glad that he's back home! I hope he recovers soon and am sorry that it happened, but appreciative of the warning. Sending you many
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Keeping the good recovery coming. Glad to hear the little guy is feeling more comfortable today. to Meowmy and Jaffa, too.
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Wow that is scary. I hope Mosi it doing much better since the surgery.

I keep Da Bird in it's original tube in the coat closet. Molly loves string too and I put away all string toys.
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Mosi thanks everyone for their get well wishes

He's doing really well. He's still quiet but is obviously on the mend and was even feeling up to being a bit naughty this afternoon I've made him some steps out of cardboard boxes so that he can get to some of the places he wants to go but isn't able to climb onto yet.

Jaffa seems to have stopped hissing and growling at him now too
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What a scare. I glad he's OK, and seems to be mending.
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I'm sorry I missed this earlier!! I'm glad Mosi is OK!
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Poor Mosi! Sending lots of vibes for him Please let us know how he's doing. *hugs*
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OMG - didn't see this earlier! Poor Mosi - I hope he recovers quickly!
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Glad to hear Mosi is feeling a little better. Sending lots of for continued improvement.
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Last night he was climbing the curtains and teasing Jaffa as usual so it looks like I've got my naughty boy back! Thanks for all the vibes - they obviously worked
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Mosi is back ....... fantastic news!!!
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so glad Mosi is making a quick recovery I know I picked up my Da Bird as soon as I got home the first day I read this
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