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Please send vibes for Mosi (and warning about da bird)

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Last night Mosi chewed through the string on da bird and swallowed a large portion of it. He's vomited up the clip and a small section of the thread this morning but that's all. I can't find the rest of the string anywhere so he must have eaten it. He's at the vets now and they are going to operate on him to remove it as it's such a long piece. Please send vibes for him to get well and come home to his meowmy very soon. I'm worried sick about him.

Anyone who has a da bird - please be very careful not to leave it lying around. I know most of us don't leave those sort of toys lying around in case they get tangled up in them, but it never occurred to me he would chew through it so easily and swallow it. I was only in another room and it happened very quickly so make sure those da birds are put away as soon as supervised play time is over.
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Oh good grief, poor Mosi. Hope his surgery goes well and he has a quick recovery. Safe surgery vibes to him and calm vibes to you, you must be beside yourself with worry
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Oh no!!!! I took a picture only last night of whats left of the feathers on Jack's because he's totalled it!. And just the other day he dragged it from under the sofa and carried the whole thing, rod and everything upstairs into my bedroom

I really hope everything goes ok with Mosi, which i've no doubt it will, but thanks for the warning.

Mosi sweetie here's some healthy healing coming over.

Keep us updated
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Sending for Mosi. I hope his operation goes okay
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Just adding to the :vibes for Mosi and you
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and prayers for your little one.

I hope all goes well.
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Oh poor Mosi Here's some that he'll come out fine and think twice next time he sees some yummy string

Da Bird is a great toy, but this is a reminder to us all that any string toy shouldn't be left unattended. My two also have to be watched around shoe laces and anything with fringe.

Oh, why oh why do they want to chew string!!?
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Poor Mosi!!! Hopefully he feels better soon.

I've had errr. the cats Da Bird fall apart before. I noticed that the hook thing is something that is swallowable and usually pick it up if its still attached to the feathers.
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Sending vibes for Mosi!
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Prayers and healing vibes for Mosa coming your way.

We keep all "string" toys in a drawer and only get them out for supervised play. Your experience is a good warning about what can happen quickly!
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Poor baby! for Mosi and his mummy!
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Thanks for the reminder. I hope Mosi's surgery goes well and he recovers quickly.
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Vibes for Mosi That's why I have to hide mine in the bathroom. Otherwise Bob will drag it everywhere.
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Oh no! lots of vibes for Mosi's surgery to go well
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Sending lots of vibes for Mosi and hugs for you.
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for Mosi and calming for you

We have to keep ours in the vacuum cupboard to stop them getting to them
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I hope Mosi is ok now. They can get themselves into trouble so darn quickly.
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Oh no! Poor Mosi, silly kitty! String is no good for kitty bellies!

Lots of that he recovers easily and that he never does such a silly thing again!
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Awwwww Mosi...many prayers and vibes for a successful operation and recovery and some calming vibes for you
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The vet has rang and I can go and collect him at 5.30pm they didn't find any string inside him but his intestines were inflamed and enlarged as were his lymph nodes. So there's been something there but it's now either vomited up or passed out the other end. I've just found another small piece of string in one of the places he vomited this morning, but there's still a very long length unaccounted for (about 20"). I just hope it's not lying around somewhere where he'll find it and eat it. I've searched the flat and cant find it anywhere.

I keep da bird and toys like that in the food cupboard and usually put them away as soon as the game is finished. But we just paused for breath last night and I left it lying on the floor. Mosi was getting his breath back in the hallway and it never occurred to me he would actually chew throught the string while my back was turned. I should know better - this is Mosi we're talking about!
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Glad Mosi is out of surgery.
Lots of vibes for a speedy recovery, and more vibes for you that you find the missing string.
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I'm pleased it went well and that he's coming home tonight
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Sending vibes that he heals well and you find that string.
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This is kinda gross, but some of the string may have been balled up in some poo and you didn't see it (I have had a sort of similar experience).

I am glad his operation went well!
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
This is kinda gross, but some of the string may have been balled up in some poo and you didn't see it (I have had a sort of similar experience).
That's what I was thinking but there was no poo in the litter tray this morning and it was about 9.30pm last night when he swallowed it. I can't remember what time I cleaned out the litter tray last night but even if it was after that, it wouldn't pass through him that quickly. It will probably remain a mystery but I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk when he comes home to make sure he doesn't find it.
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So glad that Mosi's surgery went well and he'll be home soon. Sending lots of for a quick uneventful recovery, and for meowmy.
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That's great news about Mosi !!

Don't you look in those innocent little eyes and just wonder what goes on in that little head sometimes?
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Oh poor baby! Noodles gave me a scare once, but not with anything that long! Hopefully he learned his lesson!
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What a scary thing to have gone through. Sending many vibes to you and to Mosi. Im glad hes going to be ok.
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Poor baby!!! I will keep him in my prayers that he gets better soon!!!!!

My girls have a da bird- but they are only allowed to play with it/have it supervised. When we are done playing with it- it goes straight back into the little toy storage bin in the garage where they have no access to it.
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