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Psycho Cat

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We have just adopted a 2.5yr old cat - she has been with us for 5 weeks. Settling in well overall but between the hours of 2-6am - she goes crazy. We sleep downstairs and she runs wild upstairs on our wooden floors and it sounds like an elephant is running back and forth. She used to be an outdoor cat at night with previous owners but we have changed that. We leave her out for as long as possible at night before we go to bed, then bring her in and I get her up a few times during the day and put her out to try and keep her awake. Anyway, from what I have read in the forums, there is probably not much we can do but if anyone does have a good idea - love to hear it. Thanks.
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Welcome to TCS!

Cats are noctural creatures. That is a normal behavior. It does help to get a kitty companion, if you have space & can afford one(and she isn't cat aggressive).

I myself am a kitty launching pad to 3 kitties at night!
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Try tiring her out prior to going to sleep.

If you keep her up during the daylight hours when you're awake, she'll need to sleep more when you sleep.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of owning a cat!

Another good idea I've heard is to give a meal of wet food right before bedtime. The full tummy should make her sleepy. However, she might get the energy back by 2am so I'm not sure if that would help you.
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George (my 5 yr old) and I usually play "catch me if you can" before going to bed. He had the habit of waking me up at 4am and I figured the more tired out he was before bed time, the longer he would sleep. It had been working - UNTIL this morning!! At 5am George started to make noise by getting into things he knows he shouldn't be into (he's learned that just talking or sitting on me can easily be ignored). Since I don't want him to get hurt (or destroy anything) I had to get up to see what was going on. Well, he decided it was time for another game of "catch me" Running around the house, full of energy - and when I tried to ignore him he once again tried to get into the things he knows he shouldn't be into!! Things he ignores generally! I guess I'm just going to have to enjoy the nights he's pooped out and sleeps and resigned to the nights of play
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We play "get the red dot" most nights before bed. This gets kitties LOADS of exercise, and they just go nuts for the laser toy. They all get into it - and there's no actual toy to fight over!

Many people have a problem with the idea that there's no winning. But they rarely catch the bugs that chance into the house, and those just fly away. However, hiding a treat under a handkerchief and making the game end on it is a good way to let kitty win if that's an issue.

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