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Our D.T for Tuesday May 8th

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Hi everybody!

It's a beautiful day here in Maryland, even though I can't go outside, I can look out & enjoy it. Hope it's warm and wonderful whereever you all are.

I'm spacing on names right now, but to everyone who has just had kittens, congradulations!

Donna, you inspired me & I think I'm going to get chinese today for lunch. I told one of my co-workers we have to order. you got me jonesing for it!!

okay, now everyone go see the mummy returns! :egypt: (this plug has been brought to you by universal pictures...)

have a fabulous, carefree day
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It's nearing the end of the day over here...

Another beautiful day - clear sky, the sun is shining but it's not hot outside. Bambi, our dog, spenf the whole day outside, digging holes in the lawn and chewing cardboxes all over the place. Dogs are a lot more trouble the cats... but we love her anyway

I got a new computer! We bought a second hand one last night. It's pretty good and cost only 400$! Our tech expert friend has been working on it all day long so now it's running smoothly! I'm still not working on it, because we need to hook it up to the network (with our remaining computer and my BIL's computer) so it can have internet access.

Have a great day everyone!
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AP; Thanks for the review. I want to see the Mummy Returns, but I'll probably have to wait until it comes to Pay Per View as I don't get out often. It is nice and sunny here in MO. today, also. I have been on the phone all morning fighting with the bank over a stupid $15.00 overdraft charge, but it is the principal of the thing. A check came thru exactly 1 hr. before a deposit was credited (because they post debits before credits). The deposit had been in via ATM since yesterday but the amount in my account before deposit was lacking $3.00, (yes three dollars), of covering the check so they charged me an overdraft. I plan to appeal to a higher court!!!!! When I get my strength back. (swoon)

It was about then that I started channeling Scarlet O'Hara.
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Hi all
Well, I am definatley spoiled today. I left work at noon because I wanted to. I have been in a slump and wanted to get some more me time in today. I came home and got all my work done and now I just get to do what I feel like. I keep wanting to do spring cleaning but I have to tell myself it can wait. I think the biggest thing is parting with old cloths! Maybe soon I can get to that one!!
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Hi everyone.

I have had a busy and unique day. At school we took our graduating 5th graders on a special end-of-the-year field trip. We went canoeing 5 miles down a local river and had a cookout

Then somehow I found the energy to paint 2 rooms at the house. Only 2 left and things start moving in. I took over a bunch of stuff for the bathroom tonight, as it was the 1st room done. Squirt was very curious as to why things were leaving and suspects that something is up. When I get home he sniffs and sniffs me forever. This guy doesn't miss a trick.
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That's what Tuesday is for me. I've been in a Chinese-food mood lately; and as there's an excellent Chinese restaurant one block from here, that was my main meal today.

Samantha, my computer system, has needed some tending over the past few days; but now she's feeling much better.

The cats met a neighborhood cat through the screen door last night. Our visitor was very friendly, but refused my food offering. So, at least, hunger isn't a factor!

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