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Deacon & Douglas 1 year old!!

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Look at my big boys now!! There were 2 of Eileen's success stories, saved from a life on the street and adopted by my partner Renee and myself. Look at how they have grown.

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Looks like they're enjoying the life! And they look starved, too.
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oh my gosh!! how did Deacon ever fit in a tissue box?!! and how is Douglas hagning on in that last pic?? they're as gorgeous as ever, Helene Thanks so much for keeping us updated!!
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They are gorgeous!
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OMG, just look at those handsome boys! I can't believe how much they've grown. You and Renee and have done such a great job with them Helene. They look so happy and loved.
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Such big beautiful boys! I just love the window perch picture
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Oh my Gosh look at those 2 big boys now!! They look fantastic Helene!!! You guys have certainly taken care of them well.
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Looks like they've grown a bit That last picture is hilarious, BTW. How on earth is he staying on??
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What a couple of big handsome guys! I like the second picture, I love his coloring!
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Wow they look so healthy and well fed...That 2nd pic is hilarious of Deacon
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Wow, look at how much they have grown, even since your sig!

It is lovely to see them looking so loved, but we all need to know, did Douglas fall off as soon as you took the pic?
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What cute boys you have there, I especially like the pictures of Douglas but then I am very partial to grey and white cats...
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Omg that last picture is funny! It looks like he's about to slide off!
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Helene, you two have done a wonderful job in raising them! Probalby about time you save two more so you have a big family of 4 like Jerry and I do! You won't be sorry and I'm sure Eileen can help!
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Originally Posted by lady20 View Post

Umm...does the window perch come in XL?

They look wonderful!
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