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10lb cat meets 60lb dog....

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Well Sibohan won!

Kyra my mom's Yellow lab Alaskan Malimute mix who is only 7 months old is now compleetly terrified of Sibohan.

Today Kyra grabed my mom's gardening gloves mom yelled "Kyra!" and takes off after her.... so does Sibohan

Kyra of course hides under a chair where she can go bacwards or forwards to play her favorite game 'keep away'.

Mom goed for the front and dosn't Sibohan cover the rear. she's hissing and swipeing the claws at kyra's heals the dog dosn't know what to do. Mom grabs her gloves from Kyra and dosn't Sibohan scare Kyra into the sunroom and holds her cowering in a corner for a good solid 10 minutes.

Meanwhile Mom, Dad, my brother, his girlfriend and myself are all laughing our arses off I actually had trouble breathing.

Finally when I cna breath I go "come on sib-sib" the cat meows and follows me into the other room. The dog didn't leave mom's side for the rest of the day.
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Poor Kyra!
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that'll teach Kyra! the cat always wins!
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aww.. poor Kyra. here, the cats are scared of the dogs. except Miagi isn't scared of our hound Buster. Tiger likes Ginger and Rocky more than Buster and Jenny because they chase him from time to time. Tiger will rub up against Rocky and Ginger and chase them around the house.
I will have to get a video of him doing that sometime!
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LOL! Tooooo funny! Sibohan must converse with Bunny, she rules the dogs with an iron paw like that at my Mother's. Sibohan must have been like "What are you thinking you dog you!"
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