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Cat got out

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Hey guys, my cat got out of the house and now I cannot find her. I feel horrible now and I'm in tears. I placed some food on the front porch for her hoping she'll get hungry and come back to eat. What other things can I do to get her to come back if anything? Should I just sit and wait and she'll most likely come home? I'm just scared she's going to get hit by a car. I have busy streets on both sides of me
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I'm sorry your kitty got out. I always used to practically go into cardiac arrest when my cat would bolt out of the door. If you have lived there for a while, I think your kitty will return. The first time mine got loose, he was gone for 3 days. Then I looked outside one day and he was just laying on the patio taking in the rays.
I hope your kitty returns safely! Waiting is the worst part!
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Hey guys, I found her. Instead of me thinking she got let out by my boyfriend not noticing, I went into the office and I heard faint meowing sounds. So I started looking around and eventually found her in one of the drawers of the filing cabinet. Good thing she heard me and started meowing because I probably wouldn't have found her for a while. She's very happy to be out of there. I still don't understand how my boyfriend didn't notice shutting her in the drawer but she does like to lay on or get into anything that you're doing (laundry basket, my textbooks when I'm trying to read them, my laptop when I'm browsing the web).
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Happy to hear your cat is safe. Today my MIL was helping me unload groceries in the driveway and I look in the garage and she left the door to the house wide open (that way she didn't have to open it with bags in her hands). My sister will do the same thing at my house and it ticks me off.

I'd like to think my cat would not bolt out but I never want to take the chance.
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Look in any outbuildings she could be locked in and ask neighbours to do the same. Your cat may be near by under a hedge after being injured by a fights or plant or something so check hedges
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Charlie's been locked in a cabinet or closet before and only cause of his meows we found where he was.

When bringing in groceries, we always send the cats downstairs and close the door - THEN start bringing in the bags of food.
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