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RIP sweet Haelee (beloved shelter kitty)

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She passed away this morning. the lady who runs the shelter where I volunteer told me she couldn't get up or anything this morning so she took her to the vet to be pts. it was her time.

I wish I could say hi to her one more time and put my face in her soft fur and tell her how much I love her. it was for the best, though. she was really old. our guess is between 15 and 16 years old. atleast she knew we loved her. she has been with us about a year. I am going to miss her so much but she's better now and not in pain anymore. RIP sweet girl. I loved you and so did everyone that met you. you truly touched every one's heart that met you, especially mine.
I am just glad you got to pass peacefully in loving arms and not alone. she's the reason why I love the senior animals so much now.
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Ah Haelee Rest In Peace Sweetie you are healthy and whole now.
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What a beautiful girl.
Rest In Peace, Haelee
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What a pretty girl she was.
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She was beautiful.

RIP Haelee
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What a gorgeous little girl as well

Sweet dreams Haelee

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Haelee was a lovely girl.

RIP Sweetheart
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It's comforting to know she was loved and cared for at the shelter. Thank you for caring for the older cats.

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She was beautiful. I'm sorry for the loss of this sweet girl.
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Poor in peace Haelee.
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thanks everyone. She really did touch my heart it's hard to explain in words. I loved her as my own and it's weird not seeing her little frail body cuddle up in my lap. I fell in love her when I first saw her and knew there was something very special about her. thank you Haelee for all you taught me to love senior animals even more. I hope you knew how much I loved you. I will never forget you. Have fun at the bridge, sweet beautiful girl.
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my deep condolences Krista...
RIP little one!
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Thank you for loving her up at the shelter! I couldn't work there, I just couldn't leave any of them there every night, I would go home and worry about them. I admire you so much! I believe that baby knew how much you loved her!
I am so grateful for people like you, now it will be time for another to love ... Thank you for being her friend! You will see her again someday! Sweet dreams Haelee! Bless both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry to hear about Haelee. May she RIP at Rainbow Bridge.
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