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J-Lo digs herself a new treat!

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I wonder if thats for real????

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OMG!! That's so nasty!! But..it did give me a BIG chuckle! Thanks for making me laugh after a hard day at work!
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hahahaha you would think that with all the publicity she has, she would have learned to be more discreet, "I'm still Jenny from the block". that's for sure!
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ewwwww, that's disgusting....
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Kiwideus I am not having a dig at you (No pun intended) This is just my own opinion and not meant to upset anyone.

Okay!!! I am not a fan of hers but I admire her talents and the fact she has done what she has! But I do get tired of shock bad publicity pics like these! doesn't anyone remember Princess Diana? When that happened the media was shown for what it really was/is, blood thirsty vampires the suck all reality out of life and only show you what they fabricate and believe will sell their Magazines and News Papers!!!

I recently started a casual position at a call centre and there are times when we have nothing to do but wait so, out came all the women's magazines! (I don't buy them and now I know why) I started looking through them and am totally amazed at the crap with in! The pictures are what we would call "Caption This" material and that's what they do! Whilst we can argue that it is funny and that people should not be in the lime light if they didn't expect this kind of thing but, it still is something which doesn't sit well with me!

These could have been taken over quiet a long time frame, everyone has boogers and at one time or another has tried to make sure their nose is clean when they are in public LOL! She doesn't have her fingers up her nose but outside of it! The 3rd and 4th pictures really aren't that bad if you have a close look! (If they had said J-Lo was suffering from hay fever would you look at it differently?) The last 2 pictures were taken either before the snow fall or after and are not related in any way just conveniently put together to paint a picture that would look that way! In fact she looks like she is trying to take a hair out of her mouth, perhaps with a different line up of photos we could make something of that to!

Sorry I will probably get flamed for this, sorry if upset anyone with my ramblings! I blame a grumpy mood this morning because of lack of sleep!!
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Naw you havent upset me. I pointed that out to hubby about the snow in the first three and then none in the last two as I was looking closely, cause I figured she wouldnt do that in public, and he doesnt wnat to believe that it has been edited.
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Bundylee you made some very good points. I'm glad I didn't read those magazines while I was in my vulnerable teenage years. I look at them now and think "what is the big deal?" The whole magazine is only advertisements and the little write-ups they do do are about sex and what you can do to please you man. If my man wasn't pleased by me, then he can find someone else (:laughing: :laughing2). And when they say "oh this product is good and that product is good" You will notice that they also advertise that product in the magazine. They get paid to advertise, they don't really care how well the product works. Anyway, I hope I don't get flamed for this, I'm just really glad I didn't see those racks-of-bones models while I was in my teenage years. It looks very decieving.
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