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The kittens are leaving :(

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Well, the kittens are now a little over 11 weeks old. Diva, Cam and Lilith are leaving this weekend. The had their first set of vaccinations on Monday, and are coming back in 5 weeks for their second set. They have grown so much.
I had to wean Boo and Lilly at 8 weeks since Cam was having runny stool. Found out she has a food allergy, so she's on Nature's Variety Lamb and Oatmeal, and that seems to do the trick. Right now her and Diva are locked in the bedroom until Saturday since they're both eating a different food then Zorro, Boo and Lilly.
Anyways, here are some pictures. I'm really going to miss them.





And this one's cute. Here's Zorro with Lilith, Boo and Cam all laying in his bed.
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They're adorable.
Diva looks like she's wearing a mask and Boo's feet look HUGE
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Lol, My hubby says that Diva looks like an orange cat thats run through a dirty pipe.
Yes, Boo does have HUGE feet. He's a polydactal on all four feet.
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Well that would explain the big feet then.
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What sweet faces! Hope they have good homes! I know how much you will miss them! Good luck little babies!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they're too cute! Where are they going to -- are there already loving, forever homes for them? And hopefully mama will be spayed???
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Diva and Cam are both going to our old roomates. He just got a good job, so hopefully they will both be spayed. They are going to be indoor only cats, so he's going to wait until his school loan is paid off before spaying them (unless one of them gets outside of coarse).
Lilly is going to one of my hubby's friends. They have three other cats, but live in a large home. She is also going to be indoors, and their cats are very well taken care of.
I also made sure to let them both know that if for any reason they can no longer keep the cats, they are to be returned to me for re-homing. No exceptions.
And of course Boo will be spoiled since he's staying with me.
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Awww...they are so adorable! You must hate giving some of them up. (We had to give up 7 kittens a couple years ago. I know it's kinda sad.)
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I know. I've gotten so attached to them. My hubby keeps telling me that he wants to keep both Boo and Lilly, but I have to keep telling him that we can't afford two more cats, and that Lilly is already taken. I feel like the bad guy saying it, but we just can't afford another kitten. Especially with all of Zorro's vet bills. I know she'll be loved at her new home though.
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Awww they will make someone else very happy in the new homes. You did a great job
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They are so beautiful! I'm sure you've found them great homes to go to. Hopefully you'll get pictures and be able to's so sad letting them go somewhere else...but I'm sure they'll be very well taken care of.
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Oh yes, we'll definatly be keeping in contact. Hopefully we'll be able to cat-sit them as well if they go away for something.
Lilly also has different colored eyes, which I thinks kind of cool. One of them is green, and the other is blue. The vet thought that she might be blind in that eye, but she just has slow reactions, lol. (Its kindof hard to see in the pics)
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Who is Lily???
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GOOD FOR YOU and thanks so much for caring so much and ensuring they will have loving and good homes or be returned to you. They definitely deserve only love and the best of care, as do all felines!
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Could only see Diva & Cam. Pics of Boo pls.
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Well the kittens are gone. The people came yesterday to pick them up. Its a little sad, but I know they went to good homes. I took these yesterday before they left.
This one is Lily(Lilith)

Here you can see how she has two different colored eyes


And Boo. He is so funny. He's learning from Zorro so he acts just like a puppy.

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They are all sweet faced, especially Diva, she has a spectacular face, I agree with the comment that she looks like she's wearing a mask

I think Boo wants to give someone a hug, that is so cute!!
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Better you than me -- I don't know if I could handle giving them up. But glad they are going to loving, forever homes -- all cats deserve them, and only them!
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Awwwww, they are so adorable!!

I have to admit that I really love the little torties coloring! They are just beautiful!
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