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Tricks and Amazements...

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Inspired by white cat lover's post, regarding Dorkyfish's new found door opening abilities...I wanted to find out what everyone else's babies are up to.

I'll start...While we're still waiting to see what things Skippy will come up with, Boogie has surprised us with a couple things.

First, he fetches. Which I have to say is just about the cutest thing in the world to watch.

Second, he is trained to spot spiders for mommy. If he see one, he freezes, gets in "point" formation, and meows a warning. If Dad lifts him up, he also gets to eat said spiders. (Bleah)

What tricks can your kitties accomplish? What clever things have they done that you never knew they could?
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Kahlua can open our closet door, our garage door, and our cabinets... One night I heart a loud thunk and a very quiet meow and went to search for her, and she was stuck in the cabinet...
She also likes to climb the doorframes to our house...
She also stalks and kill/eats any bug she finds, she had a swollen lip for a few weeks from eating or getting stung by something!
She will also come get one of us if Molly (our shihtzu) has been outside for too long or is waiting to come back inside.
Joey used to fetch until he used up one of his lives doing it. He had a bottle cap (the only thing he would fetch) inside of a square tube thing and was pushing it around and ran into the wall...
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