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Not me
I was walking out to get the newspaper this morning and I'm like what's that piece of wood at the end of the driveway?? Then... what no mailbox???
Sheriff's dept "caught" the guy (he wouldn't answer the door) and will be ticketed. Mailbox and a small amt of the post was 65 ft away from original location!! And a piece of body molding from the car. This guy's car-flat right rear tire, missing molding,broken headlight and cracked windshield.
We heard an odd noise about 1:30 or 2:30 am. Wonder what his state of sobriety was?? So on a vacation day-Neil gets to create a new mailbox post.
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I swear the snow plow guys have it out for our box. Just a fews days after putting the new one up, it got knocked over and badly dented. It's still on the post. For a while it was taped on!c
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Well the post has been repaired twice already (once my fault) but now in many pieces.
But mail won't be delivered if no box. The WSJ newspaper delivery man kindly drove to the house and left the paper. (must tip him for Christmas!!)
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I swear the snow plow guys have it out for our box. Just a fews days after putting the new one up, it got knocked over and badly dented. It's still on the post. For a while it was taped on!c
Reminds me of the comic strip Crankshaft where there is one guy whose mailbox is run over every time by Crankshaft backing the school bus over it.

I'm glad they caught your perpetrator, Gail. He sounds like he is a menace behind the wheel.
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Sheesh! I'm glad they caught the guy! Isn't there siffer penalties for messing up a mailbox?
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Well the actual mailbox is ok-its just that we have to re-do the post. And with a woodworker in the family he wants it just so!! And cannot find his 5x5 cedar post so we haven't made any progress yet!!
I bet the guy is not too happy with all the damage on his vehicle either (serves him right!!)
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Here there was a gang of highschool kids that seemed to get their jollies from smashing in, stealing or otherwide vandilizing mailboxes in the area, my grandmother's mailbox ended up on the lawn of a lady over 40km away. Our mailbx was crushed with a baseball bat. The people on our road were so fed up with it that they went to the post office to get a permanent (concreet set) government road box that had 10 lockable slots for the people who live on the road. It only took our box being smashed 6 times for people to get totally fed up, they caught the guys and they were ordered to pay each person who had filed a police report ten dollars.
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This brought me back... We lived on a busy road and it was THE road to all others in town. Two trucks passed and turned onto the side street-carrying a half of a house each... the first turned not to much of an issue the second smashed our post(few inches above ground)... Now I looked at it and after a minute I had an idea. went to basement and grabbed a bag of klitter(at time I had 16 cats and used special kitty...$2 a bag) and a garbage can. The mailman commented on it but said it was within code(except it had to be closer to street and I had it to far> had it for a few weeks and then upgraded(after they finsihed the houses tho!!!!
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i did that once, coming home in snow storm,
car hit a bump, back end kicked out, and i hit some guy mail box.

i got out, went to the door, to tell him, offered him money for the post and mail box.
gave him the money. then he still called the cops on me.
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