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Martini Adopted Yayyy

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Okay, update time on Martini - my kitten that mysteriously showed up at my house and followed my big Grey Goose home in early July.

He was only 6 weeks or 7 when I found him, and with a bad eye infection.

I took him to the Arlington Animal Welfare League AFTER I had made sure to get his eye infection treated and kept him at home with my cats for a month and 1/2. He had a bit of virial URI too during that time.

Well, 3 days after taking him in the shelter closed for cat adoptions due the suspected presence of a highly virulent form of Calci (upper resp. viral infection.) Since he had an eye infection when brought in, I was not sure they would keep him alive and was soo worried.

I was devastated. I have been periodically checking in on him. And today they told me HE HAS AN ADOPTION CONTRACT PENDING!!!

Yayyyy!!! Martini is looking at going to a new home!!

I am so happy. He will be spay/neutered before he goes out the
shelter doors! I am relieved to hear this.

I hope of course this is the truth, but since the man looked in the
computer and that's what it says, it is probably true.

In the meantime I have acquired a NEW 7 week old kitten. This was litterally shoved at me by one of the teenagers who lives down my street. She had gotten a tiny kitten from a "friend" who had let ALL THREE of her female cats have 6 kittens each! Stupid cow thought that the cats should "enjoy motherhood" before being fixed.

Anyway, Dewar, a lovely black and white fluffy is part persian an all fiesty.
I have the feeling he doens't know he is a cat, as he was taken from mom at 4 weeks and has never been with his sibs...

So, I have my Grey Goose hard at work, and my 2 other senior cats - teaching him how to be a cat, what a cat is, and not to freakout when he sees a "cat".

Once he is old enough I will take to a shelter or try to put on Petfinder.
I have all my own feral colony to worry about, but I couldn't let this one go by without helping out. He will have his first set of shots and be neutered BEFORE I give him up. If I give him up unneutered it will ONLY be to the shetler, since they will make sure of this being taken care of...

Anyway, many thanks to those who offered help on Martini! I am relieved not to have to take him back, and glad he's gotten out of there.

He's going to be a truely terrrific little cat. (well, more of a giant actually I think, LOL!)
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Congrats on the adoption!
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Great news!! Those little kitties must have put a sign on your door...bring me here for lots of love and help. ahhahaha.
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